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Here at Burke Bros we can offer you both short term and long term storage solutions to suit your needs in the forms of self access storage, containerised storage and archive / document storage.

Containerised Storage


Container storage is a modern and convenient way of storing your household goods. All of your items are expertly wrapped and packed and carefully loaded into our container brought to your home by our specialist vehicles. You will be given a fully inventory by one of our drivers before leaving and it will be brought into our indoor warehouse and secure home storage depositary. The goods remain secured in their containers until you instruct us when you like them retrieved and delivered.

Many people today in order to secure their sale will store their belongings to make sure the sale is secured. Using storage even for the shortest period of time or as long as necessary allows flexibility when buying and selling in order to preserve the moving chain.

Containerised storage is a cost effect and safe storage method that will keep your belongings in perfect condition. Long term, short term and storage insurance are all also available and with minimum notice.

You may have access to your effects in store if urgently needed, however please contact us if this is required. If you require regular access to your goods than our self storage facility would probably suit your needs better.

De-cluttering Service

Use our storage services to create space in order to sell your home.

Today, most of today’s owners climb the property ladder to larger properties. This means they will have acquired more possessions than when they moved in. A de-clutter service is a storage service that helps you to clear spare rooms sheds and garages along with lofts prior to selling your property or to even clear rooms for decorating or for tradesmen having to carry out work or even if you have had burst pipes or other flood damage.

We can arrive at your home and pack if necessary and bring them into our depository to be returned when you need them. A full inventory will be prepared by our staff for leaving your premises.
Prices will vary depending on work involved, materials required and the length of time in store.

Business Storage

If your business is in need of extra commercial storage, we have years of experience helping businesses find a solution. Our containerised storage has many advantages for businesses looking to store we can make you more room in your business by securely storing everything from documents, machinery and excess / new stock. Our business storage solutions are secure in your own personal dedicated container or self storage room which are secured with your own padlock.

We will come to your offices or business premises and will pack and load your container for you, giving you an inventory before they leave and bringing your container in to our secure warehouse.

Your items will be stored in a dry and safe location and will be in perfect condition when you come to have them delivered back to your premises at a time of your choosing.

Archive / Document Storage


Here at Burke Bros we offer archive and document storage for companies who require more room but still need to keep documents.

Many businesses have large archive of documents that they need to retain, for compliance reasons or they will still find value in that information. You may not require the information regularly, but there may be an occasion it has to be there when you need it.

As your business matures, the documents your organisation produces can be harder to manage as the volumes grow, it is expensive to rent more office space or other areas to accommodate it.
Burke Bros archive storage for documents is a service which allows you to clear out those documents that you don’t regularly need but still have to keep hold of.

The bulk of your filing system can be relocated to our purpose designed archive containers in our secure storage facility, where you know it will be safely stored for the long term. So it will be there when you need it, but not under your feet when you don’t.

Collection throughout the UK and delivery services. Burke Bros have been providing top secure storage for 30 years looking after thousands of homes. Many people today in order to secure their sale will store their belongings to make sure the sale is secured. Using storage even for the shortest period of time or as long as necessary allows flexibility when buying and selling in order to preserve the moving chain.

Long term, short term and storage insurance are all available and with minimum notice.

Reasons to store with Burke Bros

  • Working from home and need to store documents or stock.
  • If you are moving into rented property prior to moving into a new home.
  • A stop gap between moving out and into a new home.
  • Storage prior to shipping abroad.
  • Seasonal storage
  • Overflow if moving into a part or fully furnished rental property.
  • De -cluttering service to create space.
  • Renting your property out unfurnished and need to store your furniture.
  • Arriving into the UK from overseas and need temporary storage.


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