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Moving to Cyprus and Going Green

Feb 17. 2022

There are initiatives and strategies being launched all over the world by different countries to tackle climate change. If you’re planning to move to Cyprus and start a new life on the island, you may well want to know what the Cypriot government are doing to play their role in reducing emissions, ensuring the island has a green future and how this will impact your life there.

Until recent times, Cyprus didn’t actually have a strategy for tackling climate change. However, times are changing and since the UK’s COP26 environmental conference, Cyprus has taken heed and implemented a green environmental initiative. The Cyprus president has proposed that a co-ordinated action against climate change is to be rolled out across the Eastern Mediterranean countries and the Middle East countries.

The country’s recovery and resilience plan will also contribute 100 million Euros to the EuroAsia Interconnector project. This will connect Cyprus to the EU electricity network and provide support for renewable energy production. A cross-border electricity interconnector with a length of 1,208km will be connecting Crete, Cyprus and Israel. Ultimately, this should be a step towards the security of supply and to more competitive wholesale prices in Cyprus. The plan also aims to address issues around ‘green mobility’ and promote the use of public transport and the switch from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

As part of Cyprus’ own action plan, in January 2025 the intention is for the Mediterranean Seas to become a ‘Sulphate Oxides Emission Control Area (SECA)’. This means that the levels of air pollution coming from these emissions would be reduced. Equally, it has been proposed that an area of the Mediterranean Sea to be a ‘Nitrogen Oxides Emission Control Area’ and reduce emissions from shipping transport. Shipping is of course an important part of the Cypriot economy and the government are moving towards eventually introducing the electrification of ships and energy efficient technologies. In fact, Cyprus is working towards something called ‘SEA Change 2030’ to tighten up on the country’s management of the seas and reduce the possible impact of maritime accidents on the marine life.

Whilst the UK took plastic bags and plastic straws to task, Cyprus was a little slower to react. However, things are changing on this level too. Cypriot supermarkets introduced charges for plastic bags and now stock re-usable bags. Plastic straws have been replaced with paper straws in fast food outlets and takeaway cups are recyclable.

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