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A guide to shipping cars and motorbikes: Australia

Feb 26. 2016

Are you moving to Australia? You are moving your household contents and now you are deciding on whether to ship your car to Australia. But is shipping your vehicle more expensive than simply buying a new one or is it a valued possession you simply cannot live without.  Either way there are some things to consider, keep reading to find out what exactly is involved when you ship cars and motorbikes to Australia.

8 Steps to importing a vehicle to Australia:

  • Conduct Research

Firstly you need to ensure you vehicle is eligible to enter Australia, and if so which import option you can apply under. You should budget for the costs involved and consider the timeframes in getting a permit and before shipment of your vehicle may take place. You will need to fill out all of the necessary documentation and ensure you are meeting the requirements for each government agency. You may need to have modifications made to meet Australian standards.

This may look confusing, and you may need to consider to use an experienced shipper to help you move your cars. Your international remover should be able to arrange the shipment of your vehicles and to provide you with any necessary documentation and information you will need to complete.

  • Apply for a Vehicle Import Approval

You will need to choose the best option (your remover will help you with this) and complete the online application form, ensuring you have all of the necessary information and attachments. This application should be submitted to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. You should check your emails regularly in case the Department needs to seek further information from you.

  • Receive Vehicle Import Approval

You should receive a hard copy of your Vehicle Import Approval in the mail. Approval may contain conditions for vehicle use which will be outlined by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

  • Arrange shipping of vehicle

Your international remover will be able to arrange the shipment of your vehicle. This includes prior to shipping ensuring the car is thoroughly clean and is steam cleaned inside and outside to remove an materials that may pose a quarantine risk. This is especially important as the Department of Environment needs to make sure no risks are posed to the natural environment and that may potentially harm agriculture in Australia. Your shipper will also make sure export conditions from your country of origin are also met. Depending where in Cyprus you are going shipment may take between 4-5 weeks on average.

  • Get Customs Clearance

Your vehicle will be customs cleared and all consignments are subject to inspection including vehicles. Your mover will advise you on the documentation needed for customs clearance. It is important to lodge an import declaration, pay Customs duty and Goods & Services Tax. Depending on the valuation or antique nature of your car you may be required to Pay a Luxury Car Tax.

  • Meet Australian Quarantine Requirements

You will need a lodge a Quarantine Entry with the Department of Agriculture and to arrange your inspection appointment you or your broker / removal agent may need to be present.

  • Meet Import Approval Conditions

You may need to arrange for modification of vehicle if necessary and conduct appropriate testing to develop evidence of compliance with the regulations.

  • Register the vehicle

You will need to apply to register the vehicle in the relevant State or Territory you are moving to. The list of government agencies can be found here: State Road and Transport Authorities

This may seem complicated process, but using a trusted removals company will make it alot easier! For more information why not contact us on 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk

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