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A guide to shipping cars to Cyprus

Mar 17. 2016

If you are moving to Cyprus, you may have a full house or a part house contents to ship overseas. You may also want to consider moving your car! Your international moving company or appointed agent should be able to handle your shipment from door-to-door.

Make sure to ask about all of your options as no shipment is the same and your quote to shipping your car to Cyprus should be tailored to your needs.

Before you go
A shipper from the EU can import one motor vehicle can import one car duty free under the following conditions:
• The car is registered in shippers name and has been used more than 6 months
• The mileage is over 6,000 kms
• The owner has lived abroad for a continuous period of 12 months prior to transfer of normal residence
• The car is imported within 6 months from owner’s transfer of primary residence to Cyprus
• The owner must prove permanent relocation to Cyprus
• VAT will only be waived if the car is more than 6 months old and the mileage is over 6,000 kms.

Documents required
• Copy of Passport
• OBL / Express Waybill
• Full Packing list
• Letter of Employment
• Bank statement confirming the shipper holds an account on the Island
• Registration of your children at local schools

Shipping Methods

Roll On Roll Off:
The Roll On Roll Off method is the most cost effective for shipping your car to Cyprus. This is because vehicles are driven directly onto the vessel from the port of origin and are secured wind-and-watertight on the ship. Once the ship has arrived at the destination country port your vehicle will be driven off ready for customs clearance. With this method the shipper of the vehicle must be present in the country to collect it before the shipment arrives.

Shared Container:
This method is where you share the space on a container, it may be shipped along with other items or another car with safety procedures put in place to protect your vehicle. This option is cost effective too as you are only charged for the space your car occupies and have the option of the beneficial service of having your car delivered to your home.

Dedicated Container:
A dedicated container is where you have the sole use of the container when shipping your vehicle to Australia. This may be a good solution if you also have other household goods and personal effects to ship with you as you will be able to fill the remaining space at no extra cost. You will have your own 20ft or 40ft container, depending on the size of your car or amount of things you want to ship to Australia.

Specific Information

Upon arrival, the shipper must apply to the Immigration office for permanent residency in Cyprus.

The car will first be released to the shipper as a “visitor” and will receive a Temporary Importation License (Form C104); extensions may be granted if application is made prior to the expiration date.

For a shipper from an EU country, VAT and excise duties are not payable provided the client meets the criteria required for the import of a motor vehicle from a non-EU country. If client does not meet the criteria, the payment of excise duties is required. VAT will only be waived if the car is more than 6 months old and the mileage is more than 6000 kms.

For more information on shipping your car to Cyprus, or for house removals to Cyprus, why not contact Burke Bros Moving Group on 01902 714555.

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