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Advice for packing antique furniture and heirlooms

Jul 08. 2016

Extra care should be taken when packing antique furniture and family heirlooms ready for moving day or if the items are going into storage before being moved into new premises. Whether they are of financial or sentimental value, it is certainly worth taking the time to pack them correctly or to make use of professional packers.

During our 35 years of operation, Burke Bros Moving Group have packed and moved a myriad of antique items. If moving day is looming, here is some of our best advice for dealing with antiques and family heirlooms:

Use the right equipment: Make the investment in the correct packing materials; new sturdy boxes, strong paper, bubble wrap and tissue paper etc. Where possible purchase specially shaped boxes for paintings and mirrors etc. To purchase the same packing materials that we use on a daily basis, take a look at our shop.

Use multiple layers of padding where possible: use a foam or bubble wrap to dress your furniture. Use bubble wrap or polystyrene balls etc. to absorb the impact of repeated small impacts and vibrations on smaller items packed in boxes.

Don’t use newspaper: the print from newspapers can transfer. Opt for acid-free tissue paper instead.

For storage: try not to use plastic sheeting. If antique furniture is wrapped in this for any length of time, it can cause moisture to be trapped due to temperature fluctuations in the environment, which may in time cause mould to grow.

Edges and corners: consider using some sort of tubular-shaped padding (such as that used on water pipes). Clean blankets will help protect furniture from scratches.

Remove mirrors: if mirrors are detachable from dressing tables etc pack separately.

Label: ensure boxes containing antiques are labelled appropriately, and state which way up they should be kept. Label pieces of furniture clearly to help removals crews move the furniture a minimum number of times and so minimise any possible damage.

Call in the experts: it’s worth making the investment in a professional removals team and ideally, if your budget allows, book a packing service with them as they will be well experienced in handling such items.

Burke Bros Moving Group have vast experience in the packing and removal of antiques and heirlooms of all varieties to locations all across the world. For more information or for advice regarding specific items, please contact Burke Bros Moving Group on sales@burkebros.co.uk or on 01902 714555.

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