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Apps for the Home Removals Process

Sep 03. 2021

Moving home? There really is an app for that! Whatever stage of the moving process you’re at, where you’re talking to a removal company about your upcoming move, busy in the organising and packing process or looking forward to turning interior designer in your new home; there are some innovative apps available to help you through.
Here is a quick look at just a few:

Photo Measures

(£4.69 on Android and iOS)
Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll invariably want to invest in a few new items and furnishings. There will be a lot of measurements to take. Gone are the days of having to scribble these on pieces of paper and then invariably find that you’ve lost the paper by the time you’ve gone to make a purchase. Thanks to apps like photo measure, you can now photograph the rooms of the new property, or photograph items of furniture, add your own measurements to them and Photo Measure will store this information for you so that it’s on hand for when you shop for furniture and furnishings, making styling your new place easier.


Google Keep

Moving home will involve a lot of list writing and the ticking off of checklists. Google Keep is an app for mainting lists and isn’t specific to the moving home process but could be a useful app for this very purpose. Not only can you create notes and lists, there is also the functionality to recored voice notes, add photos to lists and even share these lists with others. For the super-organised, notes and lists can be colour-coded and labelled. The lists can also be syced across phone, tablet and desktop devices so that you can pick up the list wherever you are.



(Free to download or opt for the paid version for increased functionality.)
You may opt for your removal company to do the packing for you but if you don’t, apps like ‘Sortly’ will take organising your packing to another level! The app allows you to take photos of your belongings and organise them into a ‘visual inventory’. These can be further organised by grouping them. So for example you can group by box or by room during the packing process. If you’re de-cluttering prior to the move, and organising your possession into those which can be sold, recycled or given away to charity for example- Sortly could come in handy for keep a record of where the items are going or the value or condition of them. Even if you’re not going through the removals process, using this app gives the option of being incredibly organised and recording an inventory of all of your household possessions.
The option to upgrade (to the paid version) opens up the ability to be uber-organised in the moving home process by generating QR code labels for each of your boxes, which can then be scanned with the app.



(Free to download or opt for the paid version for increased functionality.)
Magicplan is an app for the budding interior designer; creating floor plans for your new home and helping to decide where to place your furniture. It allows you to scan and measure rooms and then compile them into a floor plan for the property. The app provides the option of over 1000 objects that can be added into your floorplans to see how different furniture configurations would look. Your floor plans can have notes added to them and export the files to download.

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