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Dirty feet – clean trucks & International moving

Jun 09. 2011

bogota-bull-ringCarbon footprint, carbon economy or carbon reduction is what we hear about every day. We are bombarded about carbon and emissions and how we should be reducing our carbon footprint through a reduction in emissions. International moving and business moving has nowhere to hide.

What does it all mean ? Quite simply we all have to aim to reduce greenhouse gases. The atmosphere has water vapour, methane, Ozone, nitrous oxide & carbon dioxide. Due to mankind, our impact on the atmosphere increases, this has meant that their is a great focus on us all lowering our emissions to protect future generations

We at Burke Bros are no different and are always looking at ways of reducing our emissions which means constantly updating our vehicles allowing our customers to be able to use a moving company that cares about our daily impact on the environment.

Our latest Scania truck arrives in the next few weeks. With advanced fuel injection to cleaner combustion. Scania has been designed to deliver outstanding operating economy. The engine delivers maximum power with minimum emissions, reducing environmental impact. Scania always meet our expectations.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in how we run our business and everything we do as we aim to do things better, whether we are moving home or moving business.

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