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Eco-Friendly Moving: Reusing Boxes from Your House Move

Nov 06. 2023

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and challenging experience. While packing up your belongings, you likely accumulate a considerable number of cardboard boxes. Once the removal company have left and you’ve settled into your new space, the question arises: what should you do with all those boxes? Instead of discarding them, you can make a positive environmental impact by reusing them creatively. In this blog, we will explore various ways to reuse boxes from moving house, reducing waste and saving money in the process.

Gardening and planters
If you have green fingers, consider repurposing cardboard boxes for your gardening needs. You can use them to start seeds, create temporary planters, or build a compost bin. Cardboard acts as a natural weed barrier and eventually breaks down, enriching the soil. Just be sure to remove any tape or labels from the boxes to ensure they are safe for your garden.

Donate or share
Your moving boxes could be a great help to someone in need. Consider offering your more lightly used boxes to friends, family, or neighbours who are planning a move. There are also local community organizations, schools, and charities that may be in need of boxes for their activities or events.

Educational toys and games
Cardboard boxes are a fantastic resource for creating a whole range of projects for children, from turning them into ‘houses’ or even ‘cars,’ a little imagination and some additional craft items like felt tips, craft scissors and some coloured paper could create some delightful outcomes.

Shipping and mailing
If your boxes are still in good condition, you can reuse them for shipping and mailing purposes. Simply reinforce the boxes with additional tape if needed and ensure they are clean and free of any old labels. This not only saves you money on shipping supplies but also reduces the demand for new cardboard boxes.

Opt for a removals company who will collect the boxes from you
A professional removal company, like Burke Bros Moving Group will not only supply the packing materials for you to purchase either by ordering what you need online or by collecting from their head office in Wolverhampton, they can also take the boxes away at the end too.

If your boxes are no longer suitable for any of the above uses, recycling is the most eco-friendly option. Cardboard is highly recyclable, and many recycling programs accept it. Be sure to break down the boxes and remove any tape or non-cardboard materials. Recycling your moving boxes helps reduce the environmental impact of producing new cardboard products.

When it comes to moving house, it’s essential to think about the environmental impact and find ways to reduce waste. Reusing cardboard boxes is a practical and eco-friendly solution that not only saves you money but also benefits the planet. There are countless ways to give your moving boxes a second life. So, before you decide to through them out, consider one of these creative and sustainable alternatives to make the most of your cardboard boxes after your move.

Burke Bros Moving Group are the world’s first international removals and storage company to be certified PAS2060 carbon neutral.    

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