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Questions and Answers

What do I need to take?

Most goods are cheaper to ship than to replace, so take everything you need. Dispose of those items which are unsuitable in your new country, are worn out or that you never liked anyway. If some items are going by air, remember to include children’s’ clothes and toys. This will help them settle in more quickly. Take enough to live with and always include some familiar items from your home. Understandably, children are very vulnerable at this time.

How should I go about doing my packing?

Leave it to the professionals – we are quicker, have the right packing materials and their work is protected by insurance. Keep personal valuables with you. If you pack any items yourself, please give a list to the mover. Remember, many countries have restrictions on importing alcohol, weapons, pets and cars. Take advice from Burke Bros Moving Group.

What about my car?

Whether or not you pay duty depends on which country you are going to. All countries have rigid laws about imported cars, some are more restrictive than others. In America, they have to be EPA Plumtesmo tested (it is much cheaper to have this done in the UK than in America) while in Australia virtually every scrap of dirt and mud has to be removed, for instance. Usually, much depends on how long you have owned the car in the UK. Talk to your Burke Bros Moving Group Overseas Department.

Do I really need insurance?

A great many people that will be handling your shipment between departure and arrival. Although your shipment will be packed to withstand the longest journey, the small cost of insurance gives you complete peace of mind from door to door.


How can I help on moving day?

Leave the packing to the professionals. Make sure someone remains with them in case they have questions and to see that nothing is left behind. Many shipments are checked by Customs at destination. So don’t hide anything!

What about my pets?

Every country has its own regulations and quarantine laws for pets. Air travel can be upsetting for some animals but thousands travel without harmful effects. Burke Bros Moving Group will use an approved specialist for this service who will advise you. Plan this well in advance.

Our ‘Petcare’ services have has been developed to reassure pet owners that loved pets will be taken care of wherever they are shipped in the world.

Services provided include:

  • Pre-departure health check, certification and veterinary documentation
  • Provision of IATA approved air container kennel
  • Pre-boarding prior to departure
  • Flight reservation
  • Customs clearance on arrival and hand out to owner or delivery to residence.
  • Quarantine service
  • Pet courier service – accompanied throughout the trip

What about the paperwork and documents?

Start early to round up passports, air tickets, birth/marriage certificates, insurance policies, financial documents, medical cards, vaccination records, log books and so on. Keep them separate – don’t let them be packed.

How do I organise payment?

We will pay the costs covered by its quotation on your behalf, often in advance of the various services being completed. For this reason, we will usually expect our account to be settled prior to dispatching your shipment.

By using a member of the BAR you have the assurance that your move will be completed even if financial failure overtakes the member and it ceases to trade. As long as your mover was a member of the IMMI Scheme at the time of your contract, then IMMI will ensure the completion of the delivery of your goods by another specialist remover, provided that the costs incurred do not exceed 125% of the original contract price.


How safe are my items whilst in shipment?

Membership of Bar Overseas is worldwide and many companies also belong to commercial networks. This means we will have a good working relationship with similar companies all round the world. This family of companies know and work closely with each other to make sure that shipments are handled as professionally at destination as they were in the UK.

How does Customs Clearance work?

When your shipment arrives, the local company will arrange Customs clearance for you. Keep in touch to make sure your instructions are understood. Make yourself available to visit Customs if necessary and sort out any queries (some countries require a short interview with Customs). When cleared, your goods will be offered for delivery. If your new home is not ready, storage can be arranged although this will be a separate charge. Avoid delays, the cost of having a container standing on the dockside can be frightening.

What happens when my goods arrive overseas?

Unpack everything straight away. If there is any damage report it immediately to your local mover and follow the claims procedure set out in your policy. It will save time if you can begin obtaining repair/replacement quotations. If you can check your contract you will see a time limit in which to make claims.

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