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Five Things Removal Companies Find Annoying

Apr 21. 2023

To allow a removal company to provide the best possible service on moving day, there are a few things that as a customer you need to be aware of. Moving house is a busy time and it is easy to slip up and throw a spanner in the works that would cause the removal company a problem and in turn affect how smoothly your move goes. Here are a few of our top tips for a harmonious moving day:

1. Don’t add furniture to the move at the last minute that the removal company weren’t told about before moving day and haven’t quoted for. Buying new furniture at the last minute and thinking that the removal crew will be able to fit it in somehow can cause you a problem. The surveyor will have calculated the size of the van allocated to your move based on the furniture and effects that you showed them during the pre-move survey. Adding extra furniture can cause an extra van to be used, which will add to the cost. If your effects are going into storage, there will also be an impact here, as of course extra storage space will have to be made available and again there will be a cost for this.

2. Don’t forget to tell the surveyor ahead of the move if you want potted garden plants taking with you. The removal crew need to be aware of this in advance of moving day, because again it takes up extra space in the allocated vehicle and nothing can be stacked on top of them. If the planters are particularly large, the removal crew may need to bring equipment with them to move them with. All of this needs to be planned in advance.

3. If you want the contents of the shed or the contents of your loft moving with you, tell the removal firm in advance. It can be easy to overlook these things when you’re speaking to the surveyor and assume that you’ve explained everything to them. Adding in this extra volume at the last minute can cause problems.

4. Once the van is loaded, don’t forget to do a walk-around the house and the garden (and any outbuildings) to make sure that everything that needed moving has been loaded. Signing off the job and then calling the office to say that something has been forgotten or there’s something on the van that should have been left can again cause the crew quite a problem and slow things down for you.

5. Not defrosting or emptying your freezer will also cause problems on removal day. Plan in advance to use up the contents of the freezer and don’t forget to defrost it. If left un-defrosted, the ice will slowly melt in the removal van and can ruin the other boxes and furniture in the vehicle.

Following these five tips will really help the removal crew do the best job for you and help make for a less stressful moving day. For further hints and tips on moving house, take a look at our removal and storage blogs. If you would like more information about our removal services or would like to book a pre-move survey, our friendly advisors will be happy to help on 01902 714555 or via sales@burkebors.co.uk.


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