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Five tips when house hunting

Nov 24. 2014

Are you ready to buy a new home? The thought of looking for your future home can seem a daunting task. It requires a great deal of time, money and effort to find the home you could potentially spend many years living in. As you only get to see it a few times before you have to make the final decision, here are some things to take into consideration when buying a new property.

1) Location
Finding the perfect location for your new home may be one of the most important factors. Your new home’s postal code can influence a lot of things, including property taxes, schools and public services. This means finding the right location is critical. Although some may want to put finding the perfect home first, but if it is an area with poor services, traffic and little resale potential it is not worth it.

2) Be Realistic
Everyone has a vision of their dream home. Maybe, it has a walk in wardrobe, a massive garden, a kitchen a professional chef would envy or even a swimming pool, but it’s important to be realistic. It is important to stay rational and not to get hung up on getting every single feature you desire. Of course, you shouldn’t settle but when you find a house you can really see yourself living in, you can always spend more time turning it into your dream home in the future.

3) Check Foundations
When moving house, many people forget to check one of the most important features, the foundation. You may wish to use a marble to help you check if the foundation is level. On wooden, tiled or concrete surfaces place the marble on areas of concern, and see if it rolls. Other signs may include windows or doors that do not properly shut or begin to jam, cracks appearing in walls especially over doorways, windows, of where walls meet ceilings. Spotting foundation problems early can save you from buying a house that may have expensive structural problems in the future.

4) Unusual Features
Check for unusual features in the house as these may be added expenses to get fixed at a later date if you just cannot live with them. It may be that it takes a bizarre combination of switches to turn on the living room light or cabinet doors that open into each other. You should always ask questions about permanent fixtures and features as after the deal is done you will be the one having to change them.

5) Hire a Professional Mover
Once you have found your new home, hiring a professional moving company will help reduce the stress of the moving process. A company like Burke Bro’s Moving Group doesn’t just move your personal effects from A to B, but rather makes a smooth and precisely coordinated effort. Remember to compare quotes from different companies, but really it should come down to the level of service and quality you want, remember a man with a van really is just that.

Are you moving home? If you require a professional removals company to assist you during what can be a stressful experience then why not give Burke Bro’s a call on 01902 714555.

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