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Homeward bound

Aug 05. 2016

Not everyone who moves abroad from the UK will remain abroad. It may be that a change in work or personal circumstances will bring expats back to the UK. The move often requires a considerable degree of re-adjustment, which is sometimes not entirely anticipated. Here are a few pieces of advice that we have garnered from our years of moving families to and from the UK:

1) Things change: time has moved on since leaving the country and on return, it is quite possible that changes will have taken place. Equally, your experiences of living abroad will have changed you and you may not see the UK in quite the same way.

2) Be realistic: accept that the transition back home may not be entirely smooth and you may have to overcome some difficulties.

3) Put finances into place: consider setting up a contingency fund, not only to cover the cost of the initial move but also to cover living costs whilst seeking a new job or looking for new premises etc. It is far better to have finances in place before you return.

4) See it from a child’s perspective: it is often worth speaking to your child’s teacher etc about the specific nature of their move (or return) to the school. Children will need help re-integrating back into life in the UK. Time abroad may mean they have been used to a very different lifestyle and culture. They may need not only pastoral support, but also academic help: to catch up on, and adapt to, a new curriculum at their new school.

5) Stay in touch: maintain connections with friends you found abroad. Don’t lose sight of your time abroad; stay in touch with people through social networks etc.

6) Share the experience: there are a number of forums and expat blogs, where you can speak to others online, who have similar experiences.

7) If the move has come about due to your employer, some companies will be able to offer repatriation training.

If you are seeking to move back home to the UK, Burke Bros Moving Group have over 35 year’s professional experience as an international moving company and have considerable experience in moving expats back to the UK. For more information give us a call on 0800 413256 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk

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