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How Do I Pack for a House Move?

Mar 08. 2021

Never underestimate the task of packing your house for a move. To help those on the move we’ve put together a few top tips on the best practice for packing

Have a packing strategy
Make sorting out the loft, any sheds and garages the first priority. This is where people have most likely accumulated possessions that they don’t need. Decide on what you no longer have need for and arrange to donate them to charities or dispose of where necessary and then pack these areas first.
Apply the same strategy within the property; de-clutter first and then pack up one room at a time.

Time is of the essence
Give yourself ample time to tackle the packing. Customers are often surprised at how long it takes and how many possession they have accrued since they last moved. People own more than they realise and although buying habits are changing, many are surprised at the volume of their possessions. Packing under pressure is no mean feat!

The other option
Moving companies will offer packing services and, if your budget allows, opting for the professionals to do it for you will really ease the moving process. If you speak to your chosen mover, they will most likely be able to offer either the packing of fragile items (glass, china, mirrors etc.) or the entire household.

Ensuring your valuables are properly protected
If you decide to pack for yourself, take our sage advice and invest in proper packing materials, such as; professional grade boxes, bubble wrap, packing chips and packing paper. It’s not worth cutting corners on the equipment. It will only make the job harder and risk damage to your items in transit. Most removal companies sell these items and if you need to move specialist items, for example valuable paintings, talk to your mover as they should also be able to make bespoke crates to ensure they are moved as safely as possible.

If you’d like further information on our packing service or to arrange a pre-move survey either in-home or at a distance, via a video, please contact us at 01902 714555, sales@burkebros.co.uk.

Further tips on every aspect of the home moving process, no matter whether you’re moving across the street, across the country or across the globe, can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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