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How Self-Storage Eases Working from Home Woes

Dec 22. 2021

If you’re struggling with the re-introduction of the working from home advice, here’s a few tips to bear in mind that can help to ease those working from home woes:

Dedicated work zone
Creating the right kind of workspace at home is really important to maintain productivity for significant periods of time working from home and also to differentiate between work and home life. As far as you can, try to keep a designated area for working in. There is often quite a temptation to keep relocating your place of work around the house; from the kitchen table to the spare room to the balancing a laptop on your lap on the sofa. If you have a home office established, this is of course far easier to keep to a designated area, but if you’re shorter on space this becomes a bit more challenging.

If you have a spare room that acts more as a storage area, it may be worth clearing this out to create an office space. It gives you the ability to close the door on your work equipment and papers etc at the end of your working day and switch off. You’ll also find that the rest of your household will pick up on this being your ‘work area’ so that where you’re in that location, they must be a little less likely to interrupt you. A dedicated area will allow you to make use of proper ergonomic office furniture and a proper arrangement of office equipment to ensure that working from home doesn’t adversely affect your posture or increase the likelihood of headaches and eyestrain etc. 

Equally, it’s important to retain areas of the house as designated spaces for relaxation and non-work related activities. Avoid taking computers and items related to work into your bedroom. It can disrupt your ability to associate that space with sleep and switching off.

Keep Calm and Tidy Up
Working amongst clutter can be very distracting. Keeping a tidy workspace makes for a better space to think clearly in. It’s well worth making a point of having a good clear out and de-clutter if you are working from home long term. It could be that some less essential items could be stored away in garages and lofts, but if you are running short of space this is where self storage could be an option. Self-storage facilities offer a safe and secure home from home for your possessions for as long a period of time as you need. If the working from home arrangement continues long term, you can leave your items in store for as long as you need.

Our self access storage facilities are located on Fox’s Lane, just off the Stafford Road, Wolverhampton near to the Molineux Stadium and within convenient reach of Wolverhampton City centre. Our friendly staff are on hand to show you around the premises and can be contacted on 01902 714555 or via sales@burkebros.co.uk. Further information about our self storage facilities, take a look at our dedicated webpages.

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