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How Should Clothes be Packed for Moving House?

May 14. 2024

Packing up a house for a move is a substantial task and not one to be underestimated. A professional removal company should be able to offer a packing service, but if you are opting to pack everything yourself, it’s worth giving yourself ample time, having the correct supplies to do this with and tackling each room properly to ensure that your possessions are as best prepared to ensure minimal damage in transit. Here we take a look at how best to pack clothes for moving day:

1. Take the opportunity to have a sort through.
Moving house does offer a prime opportunity to sort through your possessions and eliminate anything that you no longer use or does not have sentimental value. Any clothes and shoes that you no longer want but are of reasonable condition can of course either be donated to local charity shops or sold through a number of different online platforms.

2. Use the correct packing supplies.
Have the most appropriate packing supplies in hand before you start packing your clothes. In particular, a professional removal company should be able to supply you with wardrobe boxes for hanging garments. These are boxes with a bar inside of them that acts as a rail with a wardrobe. This will allow such items as shirts to be removed from the wardrobe and placed straight into the wardrobe box without being removed from the coat hangers. Creasing of clothes will be minimised in this packing method.

The size of a wardrobe box is usually akin to the size of a single wardrobe door. The removal company completing your move can sometimes include a certain quantity of these in the removal quote, so it’s best to clarify this with the surveyor that completes the pre-move survey.
Packing paper is also useful for any particularly delicate items of apparel you are taking.

3. Pack by type.
A useful tip when it comes to packing clothes, is to pack similar items together, so for example pack t-shirts together, skirts together etc. This makes unpacking far easier. Labelling each box with its contents, will also make for an easier unpacking process.

4. Save space.
For bulky items such as jumpers and coats you may like to use vacuum-sealed bags which can then be compresses to save on space. Rolling clothes, rather than folding them also saves on space and can reduce wrinkles when it comes to the un-pack.

5. Take extra care with delicate items
When it comes to packing more delicate items such as silk or cashmere garments or garments with beading, for example, it’s worth using sheets of acid free tissue paper in between layers.

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