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How Stamp Duty Savings Can be Put to Use for a Stress Free Moving Day

Aug 26. 2020

Think it’s just a case of gathering together a few willing friends and hiring a van to do a house move ‘DIY style’? Think again. Even if you’re moving a short distance, the logistics of moving your entire household possessions takes some planning and the services of a professional mover can save a lot of heartache.

The savings from the stamp duty holiday introduced by the Chancellor, provides the ideal opportunity to utilise some of the saved funds in employing the services of a professional remover and allowing them to take the strain on moving day.

Carrying furniture on and off a van is more physically arduous than many people fully anticipate. It’s surprising how heavy furniture becomes when it’s carried up and downstairs and needs to be manoeuvred through tight door ways. A professional remover will have removal operatives trained in manual handling and heavy lifting to alleviate you of the physical exertion and to reduce the risk of damage to the furniture.

Pulling together a few friends to help you make the move, may seem a good idea in the first instance but you can always expect someone to cancel at the last minute, or worse, incur an injury during the move. Lacking manpower will make for a really difficult day. Professional surveyors will be able to accurately assess the volume needed to be moved and allocate the right size crew for moving day. Furthermore, some items of furniture will need to be deconstructed for the move and re-constructed at the new premises. Many professional removals can help with this and are used to putting beds etc back together.

Then there’s the hiring of the van. Hire something too small and the consequence of having to make numerous journeys back and forth can put real stain on what is already a tight timescale. Too large a van will cause an issue with trying to pack your household effects securely and minimise movement in the van during transit. This is again where, the accurate volume calculations of a surveyor come into play to ensure that a removal company will allocate you an appropriately sized, clean and reliable van.

Even with the greatest of planning a DIY-move can still succumb to unexpected delays and problems. If the handing over of the keys, for example, is delayed there can be considerable pressure to conduct the move within a shorter time frame. Removal companies are used to these sort of eventualities and have the capacity to overcome many problems and work around changes on the day.

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