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How to pack clothes when moving home

When moving home, you may think using black bin bags to transport your clothes and other items across to your new home is the best solution. However, this can cause more delicate and expensive items to crease and if overloaded the bags are liable to split.

If you are moving with a professional mover you may not need to completely empty your drawers as long as they are filled with lightweight items, it can be moved as it is. Check with your removals company first if they are okay with leaving the drawers and contents in the dresser, this method will make for an easier move.

Removing all your clothes and simply stuffing them in to boxes is not ideal for a number of reasons. The wrinkled clothes, under-weight boxes that could be put to be better use, and problems with hangers might outweigh the benefits of simply emptying your clothes into boxes.

Using regular boxes can work if they are packed effectively, by folding and labeling the contents of your clothes in a systematic fashion might work for your wardrobe and help you to unpack easily. You may also want to think about using some tissue or packing paper to help protect your clothes and keep them clean and fresh.

If you are already moving luggage and suitcases with you, then you may wish to use some of these for your clothes. Luggage is perfect for moving more delicate or expensive items and will easily allow you to identify where your clothes are on the truck.

If you have a lot of clothes or want to avoid the hassle, the best advice is to invest in a few wardrobe cartons, we have some available from our shop here. These long cardboard boxes come equipped with a metal bar inside designed for you to hang your clothes on easily and with no fuss. All you will need to do if transfer the clothes from your closet to the box. This will help you avoid folding, wrinkling, and having to remove any of your clothes from their hangers.

If you need help moving home in the UK and want a professional moving company with expert packers and removals men please call Burke Bros today on 01902 714555.

July 9th, 2015 | Categories: Blog