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How to pack for self-storage

Jul 22. 2016

Packing and organising effects in a self-storage facility will help to prevent damage and help to ensure that the items stored will stand the test of time and last for years to come.

When packing your boxes consider the following:

  • Inventory: Devise a firm inventory of items to go into storage, so that you know exactly what is in there.
  • Label: Create labels for every box and attach the labels to more than one side of the box so that it is visible regardless of how it is stacked. Place “fragile” stickers on boxes which contain fragile items.
  • Size: it is easier to use fewer variations in size of box as this will make stacking the boxes easier.
  • Strength: invest in sturdy boxes. They will be easier to stack and will be more likely to keep your items safer over the long term. Burke Bros Moving Group sell high quality packing items.
  • Fill: pack the entire box so that it is full and this will avoid the tendency for it to collapse or tip over. Fill the box with heavy items first and add in lighter items to fill it to capacity. Avoid the collation of dust by sealing the boxes with packing tape. Ensure the boxes retain their shape and are not bulging at the sides in order to keep them sturdy and robust when stacking.
  • Padding: pack any breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper. For items such as mirrors and frames; stand them on their end, rather than storing them flat.
  • Mould: Avoid putting items in sealed plastic bags as this can trap moisture over time and promote the growth of mould. Wrap items in cloth rather than plastic.
  • Books: for heavier items such as books use smaller boxes and don’t stack the books standing on end as this can damage the spine. Lye the books flat on their sides.
  • White goods: when storing freezers and refrigerators, they should be stored with the door slightly ajar. Wrap cords carefully. Freezers should be defrosted, refrigerators dried and washing machines drained so that they are dry when going into storage. Any wet items in storage can cause mould and water damage. Equally, any items which are put into storage with mould already, can cause mould to spread to other items in storage.
  • Clothes: use clothes or wardrobe boxes so that you can hang the clothes up and their shape is retained.
  • Dismantle: If you need to save space, dismantle furniture. Retain all screws and keep in a labelled container.
  • Arrange: stack boxes in such a way that will allow for an aisle in the storage space to make access easier.

Choose a self-storage facility carefully. Burke Bros Moving Group offer excellent self-store facilities, with the height of security. For further information take a look at our self-storage webpage, call 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk

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