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How to Save Money on Your Next House Move

Dec 16. 2021

Moving house will incur costs, so it’s worth knowing a few money saving tips to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Here we’ve pulled together a few money saving hacks to consider in the run up to moving day:

  • Declutter

It’s really worthwhile to sort through your possessions and household effects before starting on the process of speaking to a removal company. This will help you to make sure that you only take with you what you want and need to take. Broadly speaking, the lower the volume of goods to move, the cheaper the removals cost will be. By sorting through your items, you’ll also have the opportunity to sell unwanted items and raise cash or to support a charity by donating them.

  • Create a meal planner

Freezers will need to be defrosted in readiness for moving day and fridge contents will need to be run down to the minimum. Equally, it’s worth using up as much of your stock of non-perishable items as you can, as this also reduces the amount of packing up in the kitchen. You can always donate any unopened, non-perishable items either to local homeless charities or foodbanks. Alternatively, your removal company may have a charity partnership with a local homeless charity through which they will collect the food items on moving day and donate on your behalf to the charity. Speak to your removal company about this.  Plan your meals in the weeks running up to the house move to ensure that you use as much of the food stocks that you already have and this will mean that your grocery bill will be lower for a while. Plan for moving day and beyond too. Booking a supermarket delivery for when you’ve arrived at the new premises and this will help you to avoid spending unnecessarily on takeaways for the first few days in your new home.

  • Obtain an accurate quotation

Planning ahead is key to avoiding over-spending and budgeting sensibly. When it comes to removals it’s really important to obtain an accurate quotation from your removal company so that you know what you’re up against in terms of cost and how to budget accordingly. Working from an ‘estimate’ will only create problems further down the line. A professional remover will arrange for a surveyor to either visit your premises for an in-house survey or, if you prefer, a virtual survey via a video. Both types of survey will enable the surveyor to properly assess the volume and other factors such as the access to the premises, whether you need a packing service, if there are items which require specialist handling and packing etc all of which will affect your quotation.

  • Currency transfers

If you’re planning an international move or European move, an important way of saving money is to use a currency company rather than a bank. For example, Currencies Direct can offer bank-beating exchange rates and no transfer fees. This can offer a substantial saving which can help to cover other expenses associated with the relocation process.


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