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How to Store Antiques

Feb 18. 2022

Whether it’s a collection of family heirlooms that have been passed through the generations or you’re a collector or dealer of antique items and running out of space, antiques need to be stored carefully and consideration needs to be given to where they are stored. They maybe of sentimental value, but perhaps not in keeping with modern house décor or they maybe items you want to sell. Here are some useful tips on storing them to ensure that they are safe and kept in their best possible condition.

Preparation is key
It’s worth ensuring that your antiques are in the best possible condition before you put them into storage. Ensure that they are clean to help preserve their condition whilst in storage. Inspecting your items will also give you change to inspect it for such things as woodworm. Picking up on this earlier on will avoid your furniture and possessions deteriorating during the storage period. Depending on the items that you’re storing, it may be worth giving wooden furniture an application of appropriate furniture polish and any leather furniture can be treated with an appropriate leather conditioner. (Ensure you use solutions that are suitable for the furniture and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.)

Pack with care
It’s worth investing the extra time and resources into packing antiques carefully to significantly reduce the risk of damage to them. Bubble wrap and packing chips are important for china and glassware to minimise breakages and scratches. If you use paper, opt for the proper packing paper as coloured paper or newspaper, for example, can lead to the ink transferring onto the item. For mirrors and pictures, all good self store facilities should stock picture and mirror cartons which will be better suited to protecting them during transit and whilst in storage. Make a point of labelling the boxes to indicate content. It will make it easier for you to find things when it comes to unpacking.

Choose the right environment
Opt for indoor storage arrangements if you can as storing outside in, for example, a metal container can increase the likelihood of causing damage to wood surfaces and metal etc. Equally, exposure to direct sunlight can cause colour fade on most surfaces from soft furnishings to china and even cause wood to warp.

Allow for enough room
When it comes to choosing a self-storage room, don’t forget to factor in that to best protect the antiques, they shouldn’t be stacked on top of each other. Allow enough room for your items to be laid out safely. You may also need to disassemble some of the items of furniture to ensure they are safer in transit and easier to handle. This will mean they will take up a little more room but will be safer in the long run.

Burke Bros Moving Group self storage facilities in Wolverhampton are conveniently located on Fox’s Lane Wolverhampton, off the Stafford Road and close to the Molineux Stadium. If you would like to speak to our advisors about storing antiques or any other effects in one of our storage rooms , please contact us on 01902 714555 or via sales@burkebros.co.uk.


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