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International moving tips to avoid making mistakes: part 4

May 06. 2015

Tip 4: time is of the essence

International moves can be stressful and you may feel you don’t have enough hours in the day to get what you need to do done. This is exactly why leaving enough time to organize and carry out your move is one of the most important factors when moving overseas. You need to ensure you leave enough time to organise your goods you are taking in your home, pack and move your belongings ready to ship them abroad.

Once you are certain you are moving overseas, you will have begun to make the necessary arrangements, such as selling your home, buying a new home abroad, finding a new job etc. these things can take months and even years in some situations. The earlier you get quotes for an international move the better, you will have more time to pick the correct service and find out exactly what you need from your professional international mover.

When moving day arrives, make sure to leave enough time before the last day of your move, when everything will be loaded on to the truck, and when you are scheduled to leave the country. It is important to leave at least a buffer day in between your flights or travel arrangements and your moving day, as there may be unexpected delays. You may ask your international moving company for an approximate delivery schedule, although this is only an estimate, you may loosely make your planes based around that.

It is also important to factor in your estimate transit time, when deciding what items you will need when you first arrive at your new home. Decide which non-furniture items are essential and bring them personally with you where possible instead of on your shipment. For most overseas destinations from the U.K. it may be several weeks before you see your items again. Please remember even with your transit time estimate, customs at the port in your new destination could add on several days or weeks to this time.

Finally, you should consider the amount of time you will need for some countries as they require medical clearance for you to move. This also applies to pets, if you are thinking of relocation your family pet, make sure you leave enough time for them to be cleared and have all of their medical examinations required.

If you are moving internationally, and would like to speak to a professional international moving company, why not give Burke Bros Moving Group a call. Call us today on 01902 714555.

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