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Moving home: how to unpack your kitchen

Sep 11. 2015

Moving home can be stressful enough, but once you actually complete the buying and moving process you are left to unpack all of your items in to their correct places. Organisation is the key to any move and the same goes for your unpacking. As experienced removal company, Burke Bros, know that after your move the last thing you want to do is unpack, and you can always let your professional remover do it for you with your instructions. However, we have provided this mini guide on unpacking your kitchen to help you should you choose to do things yourself.

Before you move always ensure you have labelled your boxes contents, so you know where all your kitchen appliances and items are so you can easily bring them in to the kitchen.

The kitchen isn’t any different that every other room, but since it’s the most sacred place in a house, it deserves special attention.

1) Clean up. Always begin with a deep cleaning. This also helps you become acquainted with the cabinet interiors, drawer capacity, shelf space, and the many idiosyncrasies of in between.
Place appliances. There isn’t much to think about this. There is only one place for the stove, only one pace for the washing machine, or the dish-washing machine.

2)Unpack the kitchen boxes. If you followed our helpful packing tips, then you have a few boxes named “kitchen”. Bring them in and unpack.

3)Arrange cupboards. After the clean, you already have a mental map on where everything should be, so put it wherever you decided. Arrange around the stove. Since the stove is your main working area, it makes sense for pots and cooking cutlery to be close by.

4) Place detergents in one place. Detergents are toxic, so no need to scatter them around. It’s also better for them to be out of reach, especially if you have small children, or pets.

5) Consider some hooks. If you’re running out of space, hooks are a good idea to find a place for everything. You can hang your collection of spoons, tea cups, and even a spice rack. And if you’re really clever, kitchenware on hooks can be a delightful splash of home decor. It’s important not to over do it, but a few well placed hooks can free up plenty of kitchen space.

And, there you have it. Some helpful moving house unpacking tips for every home. Hopefully, you’re finally done and about to start a new page at the new place.

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