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Moving Home & Moving with Children

Mar 14. 2011

bogota-bull-ringChildren need time to adjust when moving home, so tell them as soon as you can before  they hear it from elsewhere. Younger children need not be told until the move is underway. Moods will have an affect so make sure its an adventure pointing out the positives to enable them to adjust. Being stressed will have a negative affect so talk to them giving as many details as necessary. Be excited about new surroundings, school, friends and the new community as well as the new home the furniture removers are taking you all too. Encourage your children to ask questions and to express their feelings as almost all children will show initial resistance. Younger children focus on the present so moving home in a few weeks time will not mean much at all. Show them pictures of others moving home and maybe play with toy trucks pretending to carry out the move and keep it happy.  Be aware of children moods and any internal issues, encourage them that its okay to disagree allowing discussion to ease worries. Once the issues are out then solutions can be found.

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