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Moving home with a baby

Dec 22. 2014


Moving home with a baby

Having a baby and moving home are both widely recognised as two of life’s most overwhelming experiences. Now imagine both of these events combined and you could potentially face a whole new set of issues to deal with. Many people moving house may be moving into a bigger property when they hear the news that a new baby is on the way, as they feel that they need more space. But is very common for the baby to arrive before the big move, especially as it can easily take longer than 9 months to sell your own property and secure your new home. It is important to try and reduce your stress during your whole moving experience, as a negative mood may impact your child. Here are our top tips on how to reduce the stress of your move.

  • After you have decided to move, it is important to discuss with your child as soon as possible, no matter how little they may understand giving them time to get used to the idea will be less of a shock for them.
  • If you are moving to a new area, you may wish to find out some of the local mother and baby groups so you can get to know other mums and babies which will give you some extra support and help you settle in to your new life.
  • Being organised is key, pack the baby’s things separately from everything else and label them, and keep all the necessities with you and that way you will have all the essentials with you soon as they arrive at your new home.
  • On moving day take your baby around the house and let them say ‘good bye’ to the rooms, this will help them to get closure, especially older babies and toddlers, it is also important for them to say good bye to special friends they might not be able to see any more.
  • Ask for help from loved ones for anything you made need, it may be an idea to ask them to babysit for a few hours while your possessions are being packed and moved as it is safer to keep the baby away from the house on moving day.
  • Before you moving into your new house, you may wish to make sure the babies cot is set up ready for when the baby arrives, also try to unpack the baby’s room first so they can see familiar toys and keep it calm and clear from removals boxes, which will help the baby settle in better.
  • When you have arrived at your new home, you may wish to show your child around showing them what every room will be used for, so they can get a sense of belonging.
  • Finally, remember to baby proof all the rooms in your new home so that your baby can explore safely and begin to enjoy their new home.
  • Taking your child to your new home should be an exciting time, but it is natural for every parent to worry. Here at Burke Bros Moving Group we understand how stressful moving can be, especially with a youngster, that’s why you should leave your move to the professionals. We are a moving company with over 30 years’ experience moving people and their possessions specialising in moving in the UK, business moves, overseas moves and storage. Call us today on 0800 413256.

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