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Moving house to a new area

May 05. 2017

Moving home, in itself, can be a significant upheaval but moving to a new area as well can compound the stress and break from the familiar. However, planning the move well will minimise any possible pitfalls and sources of stress.

Consider your finances. Set up a budget to cover the cost of the relocation and include such things as a professional packing service or even a period of time in storage if this is necessary. When thinking longer term, take into account whether or not the cost of living will be higher in the area you are moving to.

Research, research, research. Put time into the initial research to ensure you know as much about the area you’re moving to as possible. Fully equip yourself with a knowledge of the local shops, parks, restaurants and cafes etc. Take time to check out the local amenities and speak to people who already live there, if possible, to get their first hand accounts of the area. It is of course important to browse the internet to get an idea of the type of properties and prices available in your chosen area.

Good neighbours. It is also worth visiting the neighbourhood at different times of the day and on different days of the week as the atmosphere and noise levels etc of an area can sometimes vary during evenings and weekends.

Ring the changes. Before moving to a new area, make a list of all the places and companies to contact before your move to inform them of the change of address. Alongside friends and family, you’ll need to give your new address to your employer and potentially to your neighbours if you wish. Banks and utility companies will need to be informed and post can be re-directed via the post office.

Making the move. It is very much recommended that a professional removal company is used for the move. It is tempting to try to conduct the move yourselves as a cheaper option. However, once the costs of the van and the necessary insurance is taken into account; it often does not work out to be that cost effective. It can also be very hard to source enough pairs of hands to help with the move. Professional movers will deal with your household contents safely and effectively. Equally, don’t be misled into thinking the cheapest removal company will be the best option for the move. Take the time to research removal companies and opt for a company that are members of the British Association of Removers and that you feel most comfortable with.

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