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Moving House With a Baby or Toddler

Dec 14. 2022

Moving with children will enhance the challenges that moving day poses and in particular, moving with a baby or young toddler will warrant some extra measures to ensure that the move is as smooth and stress free as possible. Here we’ve collated a few practical suggestions to incorporate into the planning of the move and the moving day itself if you are moving with little ones.

Arrange for help
If it is possible to arrange for someone you trust to look after your baby or toddler for the day, this would be the best arrangement. With the best will and even with trained and experienced moving operatives from a removals company, moving day will be busy and quite chaotic. For their safety and welfare babies and young children should be kept away from the operations of the removal crew at all times.

A moving day kit for baby
Putting together some of your baby’s essentials into a ‘survival kit’ is important ahead of moving day and will ensure that you have everything close to hand during the upheaval of the move and for when you first arrive at the new house. Include things like nappies and powder, wet wipes, a change of clothing, baby milk/ formula or food as necessary, bottles, a steriliser and a first aid kit. Keep any medications the baby may need in this kit too, so that you know where it is and include a favourite toy or comforter.

Create a sanctuary
If you’re not able to arrange someone to look after your baby on moving day, designate part of the house as a ‘safe space’ for you to supervise your baby in. Choose somewhere where there will be minimal interruptions form the removal company as they move about on-site.

One of the main causes of disruption for a baby and a young toddler is any change to their routine. Changes in bedtime and meal times can be unsettling for them. In the run up to moving day, there will be a lot to do and it can be easy to lose a sense of the usual routine. Try to maintain this as much as you can.

Don’t move by yourself
Calling on the services of a professional moving company will really help ease the burden of moving day, particularly when you have a baby or young child. If it’s in your budget, it’s also worth considering opting for a packing service and allowing the experts to take the strain of the packing for you too.

Prioritise baby/toddler proofing
Ensuring that the property is safe for your child is, of course of paramount importance. Setting up stairgates, checking that if there are any blinds at the windows for example, that they’re safe and secure and setting up the nursery will be of primary importance.





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