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Moving Office and Keeping it Green

Dec 03. 2021

If you’ve been assigned the task of planning an office move, it’s important to be mindful of executing the office relocation itself in an environmentally conscious way and also of taking advantage of the opportunities that moving to new premises offers to integrate ecologically sound practices into your working environment.  Here we take a look at some easy to implement tips for ‘keeping it green’ both in the office removals process and beyond.

Green credentials

When it comes to choosing a removal company to carry out the commercial relocation, it’s worth doing some research into them to not only ascertain their relative level of experience and suitability but also to investigate if they have a commitment to sustainability and to embedding this into their working practices.  Opt for a company who are working to reduce their carbon footprint.         

Packing materials

Speak to your removal company about whether they offer recycled/ pre-used boxes.  Professional grade boxes will maintain their integrity for more than one move, so it is feasible for these to be re-used.  Ensure that you opt for a remover who recycles the packing materials when they need disposing of to minimise the environmental impact.  Professional removers will be trained in packing techniques to keep equipment safe in transit and employing the use of professional packers will also help avoid you purchasing excess materials and over-stocking on packing materials.

Recycle and reuse

Surplus office equipment that is not needed in the new premises can be donated to charity and have the benefit of not only avoiding sending the item to landfill but also of supporting a good cause.  Involve employees in selecting charities to donate to and publicise your good deeds, it will encourage other organisations to follow your good practice and will enhance your CSR strategy in the process!

A green team

Once you’ve relocated into the new premises, a good way to maintain the progress with the ecologically friendly practices, is to create a ‘green team’ to keep generating new ways of implementing green practices into the workplace and to monitor how well executed these are.  For example they may implement a new recycling program, research energy saving devices or even look into greener office cleaning products.

Green practices

Moving to new premises often opens up the opportunity for upgrading office equipment and more specifically you may want to look at investing in more efficient electronics.  If you’re purchasing offices, you may want to install timers on lights to reduce the time that lights are left on unnecessarily.  There may even be opportunity to install rooftop solar panels.  A new start in a new office can also pave the way for a change in habit and working practice.  Make a commitment to going paperless in your new office by encouraging staff to avoid printing and implementing even such measures as asking suppliers to issue electronic invoices.  Equally, as the trend continues for more employers to offer home working, when staff do come into the office for meeting etc offering incentives to walk, cycle or take public transport will all contribute to decreasing the carbon footprint of the company.   






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