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Moving Office to a Co-working Space

Jun 25. 2021

Many businesses have adapted to different working arrangements during the pandemic, be this working from home entirely or a hybrid approach to both office and remote/ home working. The concept of the “office” is evolving and the traditional modes of work may be changing for the long term. As some businesses re-consider how much office space they actually need and some perhaps needs to down-size their operations, moving office to a co-working office space may be an option to consider. This is an arrangement in which different companies share an office space. There can be receptionist and custodial services on site which all occupants can benefit from and in some cases there may be a canteen on-site and even arrangements for parcel deliveries to be accepted.

The arrangement wouldn’t necessarily work for all companies and the specific nature and needs of your business need to be taken into account but there are some potential positives in terms of cost and convenience. Co-working spaces, for example, lend themselves well to start-ups as they are most likely to be embarking on a substantial growth phase. Co-working allows a greater degree of flexibility than signing a lease for premises for a period of time. It allows more space to be acquired if necessary, relatively easily so that there is less hindrance to the company growing.

Co-working office spaces also bring with them the element of convenience because they are often serviced offices. The exact terms of what this will involve will of course vary between different sites and you’ll need to consult the terms and conditions of the agreement you enter into, but typically this working arrangement can include the bills and utilities and the consumables that are used in an office, as well as on-site help if for example, the internet connection goes down.

However, the very nature of a shared space does not appeal to everyone and would not be conducive to every kind of business. If you need quiet or if you’re dealing with something particularly confidential this kind of open space may not work so well for you. Equally, if you have a high level of footfall of people coming in and out of your office space all day long, maybe those that work off-site and need to hand in timesheets etc, you may find that your fellow co-workers become a little irritated with this and it can make for a less harmonious working environment.

Whatever office facilities/ commercial premises you decide that will best suit your business for its next phase, ensure that you appoint a professional removal company with experience in office and commercial relocations. This will help your business minimise it’s down time and will reduce the stress and disruption of the move.

Burke Bros Moving Group have decades of experience of planning every type of office/commercial move from SMEs to public sector organisations and the largest corporate organisations. Our specialist commercial moving team are on hand to answer your every question if you’re planning an office relocation, on 01902 714555 or via email sales@burkebros.co.uk.

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