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Moving to France with Children

Sep 24. 2014

Step 2 – Moving to France with Children

Now that you have come to the exciting decision that you are moving house abroad, there may only be one more question to ask; is moving to France with children the right decision? However, we have found that the fears many children may experience are often dealt with better than adults! Children seem to adapt more quickly than adults as they find it easier to make new friends and deal with language barriers. It is important to involve your children in the process of moving home as early and as much as possible, giving them more time to adjust to the idea and become eager to move. For those older children who may worry about leaving friends and family, you need to make sure they compile lists of all phone numbers, email and home addresses so they can stay in contact with loved ones.

There are a variety of ways that can make the move fun for children and make some of the harder aspects of the moving home checklist, such as packing, more enjoyable. Involve your children by getting them to plan what they want to take. If they want to take more things than you would like, let them, it will help them feel settled in their new home. Also, it will be cheaper to ship items than have to replace them in the long run. If you have more than one child than give them a set number of boxes, so it gives them a challenge when deciding what to take. When the big day finally arrives, they may want to see what is going on but it is generally better to keep them away from packing crews of the removal companies due to safety. In some cases children should be kept away from the house to stop upset. Finally, it is important to remember that each family is different and different techniques may work for some better than others.

Next time we’ll cover Step 3 – Packing

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