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Moving to the UK

Oct 22. 2021

Considering a move to the UK? Moving to a new country requires research into the culture of the destination you’re moving to. This reduces the chance of any kind of culture-shock and helps you to acclimatise to your new surroundings far more quickly. Here’s a few things to bear in mind if you’re making the move to the UK, or as its affectionately known- Blighty.

  • When it comes to weights and measures the UK tends to employ the use of both metric and imperial measurements, which can be quite confusing. The country uses metric measurements for example on food labels- these will be in grams and kilograms but the weight of an individual is in stones and pounds. Distance is still predominantly measured in miles and fields in acres. Somewhat quirkily, horses and ponies are measured in ‘hands’, with each ‘hand’ equating to four inches!
  • The UK has a lot of history. From castles to Roman ruins and Tudor houses, there is a really rich history to the UK which is evident pretty much wherever you visit. An important part of the country’s history and of its identity, is the Royal family. The present reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Without wishing to resort to stereotypes, the British people are often regarded as typically quite reserved and with that somewhat reticent nature comes a tendency to place a value of manners and politeness. We are of course speaking with broad brush strokes, but for example forming an orderly queue is a typically British reaction if more than two people are waiting for something.
  • The UK is also well known for its preoccupation with tea. Interestingly over 100,000,000 cups of tea are being drunk in the UK every single day of the year according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association. It’s a major pastime in the UK!
  • Another national institution of the UK is the fish and chip shop. Colloquially referred to as the ‘chippy’, these food outlets provide battered fish and chips with a range of accompaniments including mushy peas and curry sauce.
  • However, if this doesn’t sound particularly appealing to your palate, the UK’s culturally diverse population means that the county benefits from an equally diverse culinary scene so there’s fortunately very likely to be something for most tastes.
  • The UK is home to some of the world’s best academic institutions and is particularly famed as being home to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
  • Pubs form an important part of the British social scene and the UK has a lot of them! From traditional cosy countryside pubs to the more lively city-based pubs and bars, the British pub is home to a whole array of entertainment from quiz nights to watching football matches and sporting events on large screens.

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