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Packing Clothes for Moving Day

Nov 17. 2016

As moving day approaches, it can be difficult to know how to pack clothes appropriately so that they arrive at their new destination in the best possible condition. We are often asked what the best and most efficient way of packing clothes for moving is.

For dressers containing clothes, you may not have to empty your dresser before moving if your drawers contain lightweight items, consult with your mover, but it may be feasible to move the dresser as it is.   As for hanging garments in a wardrobe, ideally your mover should use specialised wardrobe boxes. These long cardboard boxes come equipped with a metal bar designed to hang your clothes. The clothes and hanger can be transferred from your wardrobes straight to the box. This method helps you avoid folding, wrinkling, and having to remove clothes from their hangers and deal with hangers separately.

For other items of clothing that are not hanging items, it can be worth using your luggage to transport items if your suitcases etc are moving house with you anyway. Any clothes that are packed into boxes should be labelled appropriately to help with unpacking at the other end. You may also want to consider using some sort of tissue or packing paper to keep your clothes clean and protected during transit.

It is also worth remembering to keep clothes that you will need during the first 24-48 hours in your new premises, separate so that they are easily accessible and perhaps kept with toiletries etc. Pack shoes separately from the rest of your clothing to ensure your clothes don’t become dirty. If you have retained the original shoe boxes, pack shoes into them or pad with socks or paper to ensure that they retain their shape.

Alternatively, and if your budget permits, consider booking a packing service with your moving company and let the professionals take care of it for you.

For further information on our packing services and removal services within the UK and internationally please contact sales@burkebros.co.uk or call 01902 714555.

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