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Paws for Thought; Taking Care of a Cat During a House Move

Oct 19. 2018

Packing up all of your worldly possessions and moving to another premises is a big upheaval for all concerned and family pets should certainly never be overlooked in the process. All animals can find the experience traumatizing if provisions are not put into place.
Cats in particular, become very attached to their own territory. They rub their faces around furniture and door frames to mark it as ‘theirs’. As such, moving house is a very unsettling experience for them and it can take time for them to feel settled in the new premises.

Consider these tips when moving house with your cat:

  • If your cat is very prone to being nervous and you are very worried about moving day, arrange for them to stay in a cattery. This way, you can fully unpack the new premises before introducing the cat into the new premises.
  • Feed your cat on moving day but it may be worth not feeding them too close to the time that you depart from the property and make the journey to the new house.
  • Smells like home: choose their favourite blanket or even an old item of your clothing as something that carries your scent so that they are comforted by the familiar.
  • Once you arrive at the new property; try to keep the cat in one designated room. This will keep them out of the way of the unloading and unpacking and will also allow them to become acquainted with a smaller environment first, before they have to deal with the entire premises. Leave their litter tray, bed, food, water and favourite toys with them.
  • There are products that you can purchase, in the form of a spray or ‘plug in’ device, which mimics the release of pheromones into the air. These have been reported to have a calming effect on some cats.

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