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Preparing to Sell a Property; Appealing to the Buyer

Apr 03. 2019

It’s always important to make a house a home. If you’re planning to live in the property long term, then it’s only natural to want to alter the place to best suit your own needs and lifestyle and to decorate it in a way that reflects your own personality. Not everyone wants to adhere to the well-known adage that neutral décor works best when it comes to selling the house. However, it is worth bearing in mind that when you do come to sell your property there are, arguably, some alterations that may be off putting to potential buyers and worth either thinking carefully about in the first instance before installing or reversing them if feasible.

Off to Bed
The number of bedrooms a property has is a very significant factor in determining its value and is also one of the main features that potential buyers search for. Reducing the number of bedrooms by removing a wall to make one larger room can limit the number of people that find your property listing in the first place. If you have retained all of the bedrooms in your property, but use one or more of them for other purposes, consider furnishing the room as a bedroom so that when prospective buyers view the property they can see the room can accommodate a bed and associated furniture.

The Writing’s on the Wall
Without overstating the well quoted notion of using neutral colours to sell a property, it may be worth bearing in mind that it’s particularly wall paper with heavy patterns that can be a turn off amongst prospective buyers. Partly as not all patters suit all tastes and also because it’s a time consuming job to remove it. The entire house doesn’t necessarily need to be submerged in various shades of beige but minimising heavy patterns, artex and very bold colours maybe advisable to give the prospective buyers a chance to imagine putting their own stamp on the place.

An Early Bath
Even if your personal preference is to use a shower, removing a bath (if it’s the only bath) from the property, can also put many buyers off. For example, families with young children often prefer to use a bath. Consider leaving at least one bath in the premises.

Less is More
An important factor in appealing to a buyer is to create a sense of space and a light and airy feeling to the property. Everyone acquires more possessions in their homes than perhaps they mean to and having rooms stacked high with clutter can be off-putting for a buyer. It’s advisable to de-clutter the rooms as much as you can so that the buyer can see the true dimensions of the property and visualise their own furniture etc in there. An easy way to remove the ‘excess’ items and furniture from the property is to store it in a self-access storage facility until a buyer is found. This allows you to have access to the items during the time they’re in storage and also know that they are in safe keeping.

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