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Removals to Brittany | Full Or Part Loads

Removals to Brittany

Burke Bros Moving Group provides removal services to and from all areas of Brittany.   

Whether you require your entire household contents, a part load and/ or a vehicle moving to Brittany, we offer regular door-to-door European removals service to meet your requirements.

With our expertise in international removals and particularly with our specialism in moves to and from France, we are your trusted removals company for removals to Brittany France.

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Comprehensive Services

Customs clearance: navigating customs can be complex. Our team handles all necessary paperwork and procedures for you.

Local knowledge: We have extensive experience in handling all aspects of moves between the UK and France, particularly to the picturesque Brittany area which means we can provide insights and advice to help make your move as smooth as possible. Whether you’re moving to the charming towns of Sarlat-la-Canéda, Bergerac, or any other part of Brittany, we know the best routes and local regulations to make your move efficient. 

Regular services to and from Brittany. Whether you require a direct load or a shared load, we offer a service to meet your requirements.

Packing services: Our professional packers can pack for you and ensure your belongings are safely packed using high-quality materials.  We also offer bespoke crating for any specialist items that you’re taking with you to Brittany.

Storage Solutions: If you need storage before, during, or after your move. we provide secure storage facilities for short-term and long-term storage options. We can also arrange storage in Europe should it be required.

Car or Motorcycle: If required and depending on space we can transport your vehicle at the same time as your furniture delivery to France.

Removals to France – The Process

One of our experienced estimators will visit your home to determine the volume of goods that will be making the trip to France, as well as your packing requirements. Our representative will discuss with you how the moving process works, from the collection stage in the UK, right through to delivery to your new residence in Brittany. We will give you a realistic quote, without obligation, based on a first-class, high-quality service.

Part Load Removals to Brittany

Part loads to France offer a cost-effective solution for those with fewer belongings to transport. This service allows your items to share space in a removal vehicle with others’ goods, reducing costs. It’s ideal for small moves or when you’re flexible on delivery times.

Dedicated Service to France

Dedicated removals to Brittany provide a personalized service where the entire removal vehicle is reserved for your belongings. This option suits larger moves or when you need your items delivered on a specific date. It offers direct transportation from your current residence to your new home in France, ensuring a quicker and more tailored moving experience.

Packing For Your Move to France

Export packing for your move to France involves specialised materials and techniques to ensure your belongings are securely protected during transit. It’s crucial for international moves, where items can be exposed to various handling stages and environmental conditions. Our professional packing services use durable materials and methods tailored to each item, from wrapping delicate glassware to crating valuable art, ensuring they arrive safely at your new home in France. This service provides peace of mind, safeguarding your possessions throughout their journey.

Awkward Access to Your French Property

Tranship vehicles are an essential component of international moves to France, particularly useful when direct access to your new home is restricted due to narrow streets or regulations. These smaller vehicles ensure your belongings are transferred efficiently from the main transport truck to your doorstep. This method enhances the flexibility and accessibility of the moving process, guaranteeing that all items, regardless of the final location’s constraints, are delivered safely and on time to your new residence in France. We can arrange smaller vehicles and extra movers in most areas of France if required.

Navigating Customs Clearance for Your Move to the Brittany

Moving internationally can be complex, and with the UK no longer part of the EU, understanding customs requirements is crucial for a smooth removal to France. At Burke Bros, we guide you through every step, ensuring all your belongings comply with the latest customs regulations.

Key Documentation: Prepare an itemised list of your possessions, translated into French, which will be essential for customs clearance. This inventory should be detailed, including the value and description of each item. You’ll also need proof of your new residence in France (such as a rental agreement or property title), a valid identification document, and, if applicable, a work visa or proof of retirement.

Customs Declarations: For certain items, specific customs declarations may be required. Our team will help identify if any of your belongings fall under restricted or prohibited categories and advise on the necessary documentation.

VAT and Duties: While most personal belongings moved for relocation are exempt from VAT and duties, it’s important to understand the conditions and limits. We’ll assist in ensuring your move qualifies for these exemptions.

Prohibited and Restricted Items: Be aware of items that cannot be imported into France or require special permits.

  1. Weapons and Ammunition: Bringing firearms or ammunition requires prior authorization due to strict controls.
  2. Drugs and Narcotics: Carrying narcotics is forbidden, except for prescribed medications that must be accompanied by proper documentation.
  3. Counterfeit Goods: It’s illegal to import fake products, which are subject to stringent penalties if discovered during customs checks.
  4. Endangered Species: Items derived from endangered species are banned unless you have the necessary permits from CITES.
  5. Cultural Artefacts: Certain cultural items might need specific authorization or documentation for export or import due to their historical value.
  6. Agricultural Products: Restrictions apply to the movement of plants, fruits, vegetables, and other similar products, often requiring health certifications.
  7. Animal Products: Importing products like meat, milk, and dairy from outside the EU is generally prohibited, with some exceptions for specific regions.
  8. Pets: Moving pets across borders requires them to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, and they must have a valid pet passport within the EU.
  9. Personal Belongings and Household Items: When transferring personal goods, ensure you adhere to regulations concerning the transport of items that might suggest commercial use without proper declarations.

How We Can Help: At Burke Bros, our experience with international moves ensures you’re not navigating these regulations alone. We provide personalised support to complete all necessary paperwork, offer advice on packing and shipping to meet customs requirements and keep you informed of your shipment’s status every step of the way.

Living in the Brittany Region

Popular for both second-home owners as well as expats making the move, Brittany is well known for its breathtaking coastline, mild climate and beautiful countryside.  The region is made up of four quite distinct departments: Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. Whilst each has its charm, they do share common traits of being characterised by small villages and are packed full of fishing villages, small bays, farms and hamlets and are never too far from the sea.      

Brittany also has its own gastronomy.  Benefitting from its proximity to the coast, the area boasts an array of seafood from oysters to lobsters and scallops. It’s well known for buckwheat pancakes, called Galettes and Breton desserts and ‘Fleur de sel’ collected from below the town of Guérande, which is used to flavour most things.  Meanwhile, local drinks include Pommeau, cider and a mead-type apéritif called Chouchen, as well as a local whisky made from buckwheat.

Furthermore, Brittany’s accessibility makes it an appealing destination for expats. Travel can be via the ports of Saint-Malo, Caen, Cherbourg and Roscoff.  Many airlines fly from the UK to Brittany’s regional airports and a high-speed train operates from Paris to the capital of Brittany, Rennes in two hours. 

Towns and Popular Expat Destinations

Brittany offers a great variety of places to live for expats making the move. In particular, the following are popular locations for expats relocating:

Rennes: As the capital city of Brittany, Rennes is well known for offering a blend of traditional Breton culture through its lively cultural scene and historical architecture coupled with the modern amenities of contemporary urban life.

Quimper: For expats seeking a more relaxed pace of life, Quimper provides a quaint and peaceful setting and is famous for beautiful medieval buildings, cobbled streets and the Saint-Corentin Cathedral.

Vannes: Along the Gulf of Morbihan, Vannes has a coastal location and is home to a well-preserved old town, charming harbour and busy markets.

Saint-Malo: Curving out to the sea, with some of the best sandy beaches on the Emerald Coast, Saint-Malo is ideal for those who are looking for a seaside lifestyle. The historic walled city is a maze of medieval streets brimming with history and culture.

Dinan: Perched on the hill above the Rance River, Dinan is a picturesque town boasting medieval ramparts, cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses. The area has several landmarks including the Chateau de Dinan– a striking medieval castle with two towers: a gothic-style Saint-Malo church with striking stained-glass windows and a clock tower offering panoramic views.

Property in Brittany

When it comes to buying property in Brittany, broadly speaking, the closer you are to the sea, the larger the budget you’ll require to purchase property.  Properties that are situated inland, tend to be cheaper and still offer beautiful countryside scenery.

Properties in Breton villages and fishing ports are characteristically small, stone houses featuring whitewashed walls, granite and marine blue shutters.

Contact us  

Burke Bros Moving Group offer weekly services for full or part removals to all parts of France. For more information on removals to Brittany and all departments of France, please contact Burke Bros Moving Group at sales@burkebros.co.uk or 01902 714555.

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