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Removals to Denmark

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Burke Bros Moving Group has decades of moving and relocation experience in removals to Denmark and operates regular removal services to and from Denmark and Scandinavia. We also offer removals from Denmark to the UK.


Our European removals service covers all areas of Denmark including such locations as Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Jutland, Vejle, Esbjerg and Aalborg and involves the movement of your possessions ‘door to door’.  We can also include a professional packing service. Fragile items are packed using packing paper, tissue, bubble wrap or polychips. Export-strength cartons in various sizes are used to accommodate books and heavy items. Special linen cartons are used as hanging garment carriers. Furniture is wrapped with padding and transit blankets. Items can also be crated.

removals to Denmark with Burke Bros

The Removals Process

One of our experienced estimators will visit your home to determine the volume of goods that will be making the trip to Denmark, as well as your packing requirements. Our representative will discuss with you how the moving process works, from the collection stage in the UK right through to delivery to your new residence in Denmark. We will give you a realistic quote, without obligation, based on a first-class high-quality service.

Part Load Removals to Denmark

 Part loads to Denmark offer a cost-effective solution for those with fewer belongings to transport. This service allows your items to share space in a removal vehicle with others’ goods, reducing costs. It’s ideal for small moves or when you’re flexible on delivery times.

Dedicated Service to Denmark

Dedicated removals to Denmark provide a personalised service where the entire removal vehicle is reserved for your belongings. This option suits larger moves or when you need your items delivered on a specific date. It offers direct transportation from your current residence to your new home in Denmark, ensuring a quicker and more tailored moving experience.


If your home contents have to come into store for weeks or months during the process of relocating to Denmark, Burke Bros Moving Group have 50,000 sq.ft of storage facilities and offer two options: containerised storage and self-access storage at our head office in Wolverhampton. We can also arrange storage in Denmark if this is required.

Choosing an International Removals Service:

When embarking on a move to Denmark selecting a reputable international removal company is paramount. We are highly experienced in overseas removals and familiar with the intricacies of customs clearance both in the UK and Denmark and offer services tailored to your needs, assisting in the entire removal process.  For your further piece of mind, we offer full financial protection door to door.

Professional Movers

As members of the BAR (British Association of Removers) and FIDI (the Global Alliance of International Quality International Removal Companies), we are regularly inspected and adhere to their strict code of practices.

Financial Guarantee

Our membership with the BAR and FIDI organisations also guarantees your money and move are thoroughly protected.

We offer our customers financial security, operational competence, worldwide support and redress facilities through FIDI, that give you total satisfaction that your possessions are being thoroughly cared for. We provide a scheme of pre-payment protection, as payments are made prior to moving, it is reassuring that we are a financially bonded mover. Your advanced payments are protected should the company cease to trade.

Customs Clearance

Moving from the UK to Denmark, post-Brexit means UK expats face different customs clearance processes compared to when the UK was part of the EU.  Our European department offers complete step-by-step support to complete the necessary customs documents. The following is an indication of the requirements for customs clearance into Denmark:

Personal belongings and household goods

The following documents are required:

-Danish customs form ‘declaration of personal property’

-Inventory in English

-Copy of passport

If alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee are included in the shipment, a detailed inventory is required (listing brand, alcohol percentage, numbers and sizes of bottles.)

Household goods which have been owned and used for a minimum of 6 months can be imported duty-free.  Household goods must be imported within 12 months of the owner’s arrival to be imported duty-free. The owner must be registered as a resident in Denmark before the arrival of the shipment.

Customs clearance must take place immediately upon arrival of the goods.

Electrical appliances: the article must conform to Danish specifications.

Motor vehicles (cars/ motorcycles) require original foreign registration papers and insurance cards. Owners must have been living outside of the EU for a minimum of 12 months to import free of duty. Extremely high registration tax is to be paid. Following customs clearance, the owner in person must present the car to the authorities for registration within 30 days of the arrival of the vehicle. There are a variety of specific regulations for the import of motor-driven vehicles to Denmark. Contact with your shipping company before shipment is advised.

Restricted items

Wine, spirits, tea, coffee and tobacco included in the shipment of household goods must be declared to be for personal consumption and will attract duty and tax. Due to high taxes, there is strict control by import and it is not advisable to include spirits in removals.

Food and tinned goods are generally not permitted however, contact your shipper with a detailed description for exceptions before shipment. It is recommended not to bring in food or tinned goods as this may delay customs clearance and result in extra expenses.

Prohibited items

Arms, ammunition and dangerous items

Narcotic medicines (prohibited unless there is a special license from the Danish Ministry of Justice.)

Import and possession of gold and silver in bars is prohibited.

How we can help: Our experts have many years of experience of international moves and provide personalised support to complete all necessary paperwork to Denmark, offering advice on packing and shipping to meet customs requirements.  We will keep you informed of your shipment’s status every step of the way.

Types of Denmark Visas

The types of Danish visas that you can apply for, are the following:

Danish Schengen Visa.  Allowing you to visit Denmark for a maximum of 90 days, the Schengen visa is issued for tourism or business purposes.

Danish Work Visa. Non-EU citizens are required to apply for a work visa and Danish work permit before beginning work in Denmark. You’ll need your employer to submit some information for this application and you must have an employment contract before submitting your application.

Danish Student Visa. If you are a non-EU national and want to study in Denmark for longer than three months, you need to apply for a student visa. This visa allows you to enter Denmark 30 days before the educational program starts and stay for 14 days after the program ends. 

Danish Startup Visa. This is dedicated to non-EU and non-EEA citizens allowing them to submit a business plan or idea, which needs to be approved by the Danish Business Authority.  Non-EU/EEA citizens will need to obtain a residence permit after the business approval.

Danish Family Visa. If you have close family members (e.g. a spouse, children etc) living in Denmark. This visa will allow a temporary residence permit valid for two years.

Danish Culture

Danish culture is a harmonious blend of history, innovation, and a profound appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. Known for their “hygge” lifestyle, Danes emphasise comfort, cosiness, and contentment in their daily lives. Denmark’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its stunning architecture, from the medieval castles of Kronborg and Frederiksborg to the contemporary design of the Copenhagen Opera House.

The country boasts a robust tradition of art, music, and literature, with a particular reverence for the works of Hans Christian Andersen and the modernist designs of Arne Jacobsen. Social equality and environmental sustainability are deeply ingrained in Danish society, reflected in their progressive policies and widespread use of bicycles.

The Danish educational system is highly regarded, and the culinary scene, highlighted by New Nordic Cuisine, showcases a commitment to local, seasonal ingredients. Moving to Denmark from the UK promises an enriching experience, blending the comforts of a well-organised society with the warmth of Danish hospitality.

Working in Denmark

Working life in Denmark offers a unique and rewarding experience, characterised by a healthy work-life balance and a strong emphasis on employee welfare. Danish workplaces are known for their flat hierarchies, open communication, and collaborative environments, fostering a culture of mutual respect and teamwork.

The standard workweek is typically 37 hours, and employees enjoy generous holiday entitlements, ensuring ample time for rest and personal pursuits. Denmark’s labour market is highly regulated, providing robust protections and rights for workers, including comprehensive social security benefits.

The country is home to a diverse range of industries, from cutting-edge technology and pharmaceuticals to traditional sectors like maritime and agriculture. Innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of Danish business practices, making it an ideal environment for professionals seeking to contribute to meaningful and progressive work.

Moreover, proficiency in English is common, reducing language barriers for expatriates. Overall, employment in Denmark promises a supportive, dynamic, and forward-thinking work setting.

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