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Shipping Cars To Cyprus

Jul 22. 2014

Shipping Cars To Cyprus From UK – Temporary Car Import

Do you want to have the immediate use of your car in Cyprus? If so, and you import your car on a temporary basis, you can drive it on its existing plates for a period of up to 6 months, during which time, if you decide to keep the car in Cyprus permanently, you’d be expected to formally register it for permanency in Cyprus.

As an experienced car shipper, Burke Bros, in conjunction with our local agent, can arrange all the paperwork for you to import your car temporarily, which normally would be done at the port of Limassol. It then takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete.

In the first instance International removers Burke Bros would require copies of:

  • Your Passport
  • Your Car’s V5 documentation

These will then be sent to our local agent in Cyprus who will pre-lodge them with Limassol customs in preparation for your visit.

At the time of shipment from the UK Burke Bros will prepare the T2L document. Then, after being duly authorised by HM Customs, it will be couriered to our agent in Cyprus.

Upon arrival of the vessel in Cyprus you will be called upon by Burke Bros’s local agent
to accompany them to the Customs Station based on Limassol port, where you will be required to produce the following original official documentation:

  • Your Passport
  • Your Driver’s License
  • Your Car’s V5 documentation
  • Your valid insurance certificate, proving you are insured to drive your car in Cyprus
  • A copy of the bill of lading that we’ll issue to you ahead of your car’s arrival.

Once your application is successfully completed you will be issued with a C104 for the duty free route or FK5 for the duty payable route, whichever applies to you.

Our agent will hand to you, for future use:

  • Copy of Bill of Lading
  • Port wharfage receipt
  • Shipping Line delivery order receipt

You will now need to register your vehicle with the appropriate authorities as per instructions below, but if you feel this is a little daunting/time consuming we can introduce you to a trusted partner who can arrange all of this on your behalf .

Alternatively, if you do wish to make your own arrangements, here’s some guideline for you to follow.

To arrange Registration of your vehicle you will then be required to:

Visit the District Vehicle Examination Centre of the Road Transport Department (RTD)
With the C72A Customs form and your Vehicle’s V5 registration document, they will check and confirm the Co2 Emissions of your vehicle.

You then need to visit a RTD authorised centre with your C72A and Vehicle’s V5 registration document, along with your Co2 Emissions certificate and they will perform a roadworthiness exam, (like a UK MOT) and issue you with the appropriate certificate.

You then need to submit all your documents back to the District Vehicle Examination Centre of the RTD to formally apply for your car to be registered.

The Cyprus Ministry of Finance website has more information on the import duty and taxes
at www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/customs.nsf/ced07_en/ced07_en?OpenDocument

So, if you want to have the immediate use of your car in Cyprus and would like International Shipping Company Burke Bros to make all the arrangements for you, simply contact Chris Starkey on 01902 714555 regards car movers to Cyprus.

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