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Shipping Household Effects to the USA

Oct 05. 2018

If you’re planning a new life in the USA, we can ship your household contents safely and securely from your home in the UK to your new home in the USA in our ‘door to door’ service.
Your items can take on average between 4 to 6 weeks to be shipped for a full container and 6 to 10 weeks on a groupage container. Times can also vary depending on the location of the port in U.S.A. they are going to.
Upon arrival in The United States one of our trusted agents will then take care of your goods and move. Any goods entering are now subject to Customs clearance and Quarantine inspection.
Here are a few important pieces of information:

Documents needed:
We will supply you with US Customs Form 32999, Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, which should be completed and returned to us and returned to us with a full descriptive inventory on the form provided prior to shipment.

Clearing Customs & Quarantine Procedures:
Household effects must have been owned and used for 12 months or more preceding your departure to the USA that are for the continued use of the owner in his new residence. It is essential that any items that may have come into contact with soil or vegetation are thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment, failing which treatment may be required.

Restricted / Prohibited Articles:
The following articles are either restricted and require an import permit from the relevant authority, or are prohibited by US Customs:
• Wood or wood products used in supporting, protecting or carrying a commodity, such as crates constructed of timber, excluding manufactured wood materials such as fibre board, plywood, whisky and wine barrels and veneer, Loose wood packing materials, sawdust, and Pieces of wood that are less than 6 mm thick in any dimension.
• Firearms and ammunition (other than those intended for legitimate hunting or lawful sporting purposes) are subject to restrictions and import permits approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). For further information contact the AFT at Department Of Treasury, Washington, D.C.20226 Tel 202 927 8320
• Hunting trophies generally require a Fish and Wildlife Service import licence
• Pornographic materials
• Switch blades
• Seditious and treasonable material
• Certain foodstuffs and plants
• Item made from animals on the endangered species list
• Importation of African ivory is prohibited unless the items are over 100 years old, and the age and species can be substantiated
• Hazardous items (eg fireworks, toxic or poisonous substances)
• Narcotic drugs
• Unprocessed furs and skins
• Merchandise from embargoed countries e.g. Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Iran, North Korea.

For any further information on moving your household effects and/or vehicles to the USA please contact our International Department on 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk.

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