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Six Top Tips for Moving in Together

Jan 13. 2023

  1. Discuss the practicalities
    Make sure you’re on the same page with each other from the start. So whether this is how you will split utility bills, how you’ll split chores or deciding on a removals company for the move- it’s important to know where each other stands and come to an agreement.

2. Know why you’re making the move
Make an active decision to move in with each other. It’s really not advisable to allow circumstances to push you towards living together out of convenience. Moving in together is a big step. It’s also important o have some sense of how the future will pan out and what you want from it. If one of you are taking this as a step towards marriage and ultimately a family, but the other isn’t seeing this, it’s important that you talk to each other about this as it will only cause problems later on.

3. Decide on what you’re taking with you
This will largely depend on your circumstances, you may both be living with parents and win which case you’ll need to kit out your new home together. It maybe that you’re moving in to one of your existing homes or that you’re both moving a new property. Either way, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t duplicate on things, you’ll most likely only need one kettle, one coffee machine etc. If you’re both coming from homes that you’ve already fully furnished, you’ll need to agree on what elements of furniture you’re taking from each home to furnish your new joint home.

4. Call in the experts
The moving day itself can be extremely busy and will take some organising. To ensure you have the best start to your new life together, it really is advisable to opt for a smooth and stress free move by calling in the experts. Whilst some opt for a ‘DIY move,’ the realities of packing, hiring the right sized van, recruiting and being able to rely on people to help you and mauling with furniture up and down stairs, proves to be quite a nightmare. Calling in a professional removal company that you both feel comfortable with, will start your new life together on the best foot.

5. Decorating together
It may be that one of you is more inclined towards home décor, than the other, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be some input from both parties. Decide on soft furnishings and wall coverings etc that you’re both happy with and will make you both feel at home.

6. Have a plan B
Although you’ll want to approach the new move with great optimism, it’s worth having a plan in mind for what happens if it doesn’t work out well. Having this as a plan B will serve to take the pressure off the situation. It may be that you opt to set up a joint bank account for the payment of bills, but keep separate personal accounts. There’s no need to divulge all of your financial information to the other person. Equally, it could be worth having some idea of how household furniture and possessions would be divided up if you did move out.

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