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Ten Facts About Moving to Australia

Jan 27. 2022

1. Whilst trends in emigration fluctuate, Australia remains steadfastly at the top of the list of destinations for British expats. Almost 1.2 million Brits have made the move to Australia (as at the end of June 2019); making it the largest migrant community in the country. There are also approximately 100,000 Americans. It’s estimated that around 28% of Australian residents are migrants, making for a cosmopolitan vibe.

2. Australia is well known for offering an outdoors lifestyle and is commonly associated with ample amounts of sunshine. Out of the main cities, Perth basks in 3,200 hours annually, with Melbourne the least sunny- experiencing a more modest 2,200 hours annually. Still quite glorious compared to the UK’s average of 1,493 hours of sun per annum.

3. Sport is important in Australia and the country is known for its love of sport. The Australian Government even have a National Sport Plan, Sport 2030. This recognises the personal, social and economic benefits of sport and aims to make Australia the world’s most active and healthy sporting nation.

4. English is the most commonly used language in the country with around 77% of people only speaking English. However, Australian English has some of its own unique vocabulary and slang. For example, ‘fair dinkum’ is used for true or genuine, ‘ripper’ is used instead of great, fantastic or awesome and ‘yabber’ meaning to talk or chat, to name but a few.

5. The country is on track to be the world’s twelfth largest economy (according to the International Monetary Fund’s April 2021 Update) and has an economy that is now larger than Brazil’s and almost equal to Russia.

6. When it comes to the cost of living, some areas of costs are higher in Australia than in the UK. For example, grocery shopping is generally more expensive in Australia and purchasing furniture and white goods will often set you back more in Australia. However, vehicles are often more expensive in the UK, as is fuel.

7. The public schooling system in Australia is similar to that in the UK. Private schools are an option in Australia too. There are of course points of difference, for example the Australian climate lends itself to schools being able to offer quite a range of outdoor sports, such as soccer, touch football, rugby, cricket and netball amongst others.

8. Australia’s population as at June 2021 was 25,739,256.

9. The country consists of a variety of landscapes and of climates. Central Australia is home to desert terrain, whilst tropical rainforests can be found in the north-east and mountain ranges in the south-east.

10. Australia benefits from having many animal species that are found nowhere else on earth, such as the platypus, kangaroo, echidna and koala. The country has 516 national parks to protect these unique plants and animals.

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