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Ten Reasons to Move to Switzerland

Feb 05. 2015

Ten Reasons to Move to Switzerland

Relocating to Switzerland is a big decision for anyone, you might like to live in a new country but worry about the different culture and lifestyle. That is why it is important to fully research a country and their custom and traditions before moving, so you can gain an insight to what living there is really like. We have compiled 10 reasons why the move to Switzerland could be beneficial for you.

1) Work Opportunities
The most popular reason people choose to move abroad is often because of work. They may need to relocate to an office in a new country or they are simply looking for better job prospects. Switzerland is very attractive if you are looking to get ahead in the job market, as their salaries can be double and even triple the salaries in other European countries in similar job roles. Those who are living in Geneva and Zurich are thought to have the average highest incomes in the world, mostly within finance, banking and insurance.

2) Education
Switzerland boasts one of the best educational systems in the world. If you are emigrating with your family they have an array of public, international and even English schools for your children. They have 12 universities and 7 Higher Educational Institutions of applied sciences within the different regions of Switzerland.

3) Healthcare
Life expectancy is very high, 79 years for men and 84 years for women, showing they have a quality health care system. When moving to Switzerland is it compulsory for you to take out healthcare insurance within three months of relocating, but for expense this you can expect excellent standards, shorter waiting times and a high level of care.

4) Environment
The scenery in Switzerland has a lot to offer those moving there, it is famous for its dramatic mountains and calm lakes. The temperature does vary from different locations and tends to be warmer in the south and cooler in the north. Summers are normally Mediterranean and can reach temperatures of 30C in July and August, whilst January and February are the coldest months.

5) Sport
If you are active and enjoy sports, Switzerland could be the country for you. They are well known for their outdoor and winter sport activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering as well as more traditional sports which are enjoyed by all. Switzerland attracts more than 8 million international tourists a year, many which are enticed by world famous ski resorts of Verbier and Zermatt.

6) Diversity
Switzerland is a very multi-national country which is open to foreigners, currently more than 20% of the population is made up of resident and temporary foreign workers. There are also four official languages, including German, French, Italian and English. As English is widely spoken there are many opportunities for English speaking workers. However, it is always worthwhile try and learn some of the language of the local area to help you adjust to your new life.

7) Safety
Life in Switzerland is calm and the country is often voted one of the safest countries to live and raise a family in Europe. Violent crime is very rare, although there is some petty crime such as pickpockets in the more popular tourist areas. If you have an emergency the number to call is 117 in Switzerland.

8) Stability
Switzerland is not only a safe country, it also has a history for neutrality and is home to one of the most stable democracies in the world. During the recent economic downturn Switzerland remained fairly unharmed making it a safe haven for investors and an economy that has fairly low job unemployment.

9) Clean
According to the Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland tops the list as the cleanest country in the world. The country has a reputation for its cleanliness and hygiene standards, as well as its care of the environment, which is sure to be attractive for those who care about living in an environmentally conscious country.

10) Family Friendly
Many people choose to live in Switzerland to give their families a higher quality of life. Many British people who move here feel their children will be more secure and benefit from the advantages it has to offer in the future.

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