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The benefits of household goods and furniture storage

Feb 09. 2015


The benefits of household goods and furniture storage

With storage becoming increasingly popular many people are using it to help them during moving house. Household good and furniture storage is a way that you can conveniently store your items for as long as you need in a secure and safe place.

When you’re moving home or if you’re renovating or redecorating a room, you may suddenly find you simply do not have enough space for your furniture if your house or room isn’t ready yet. Instead of worrying and rushing to complete things faster, you may consider using furniture storage as a better option. It’s a good way to keep all your items together in a safe place, so you can make the most of your time finishing your home and decorating. This also applies to garden redesign, if you are having your garden changed you can even store garden furniture!

You may wish to use storage to de-clutter your home whilst trying to sell, homes that are clean and tidy sell much better than those that are crowded with personal items. Temporary storage could be beneficial to you whilst showing people around your home, especially if you are freeing you space in smaller rooms. Or perhaps you have someone moving in to your home and you need to free up space for them whilst they stay, storage could be the answer for you.

Another reason for using furniture storage is to secure the sale of your house, perhaps you are planning on moving and the completion date on your new home is pushed back. If you already have a buyer for your home, you may need a place to store your goods whilst you stay in temporary accommodation until your new property is ready. It can be frustrating when this happens, but you can be safe in the knowledge your items are in a protected location, for as long as you require.

If you are moving abroad you may wish to use furniture storage, you can leave all of your belongings in the UK, whilst you go and look for your perfect home. You can then simply get them shipped to you overseas whenever you are ready. This even works for expats who are only temporarily moving abroad but don’t need to take their furniture, instead of getting rid of everything and having to buy new when you come home after a several months or years, why not keep them in storage?

Here at Burke Bros Moving Group, we have our own secure storage facilities that can meet all of your furniture storage needs whether you are moving home, moving abroad or simply require more room. You can use our storage for as long as you need, and you can be safe in the knowledge it’s in good hands. For more information on removals or storage, or to get a quote please call us on 01902 714 555.

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