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Think it’s time to move office?

There are tell-tale signs that your current office premises are not meeting your needs and that a move to new premises are on the cards.

1. The facilities just aren’t up to scratch
Everything was shiny and new when you first moved in and there was plenty of room to grow and expand. However, with time; there’s now not enough room for any more desks or any more parking spaces on the car park even though you’d like to create more jobs. This is a real sign that you need to move your company, before the premises stunt the growth of your business.

2. You can’t be found
When customers repeatedly can’t find your premises and often need directions to the site; this can also be a sign that the office are holding you back. It’s worth considering a more central/ more accessible location.

3. No one wants to visit you
Equally, it maybe that your current premises are locatable, but customers tend to be reticent in visiting you. If it transpires that your premises are too isolated or indeed too far away from your target market; this may also be a pre-cursor to you needing to move to a more suitable location.

4. Security
Having safe and secure premises is an important priority for any business owners. If your staff don’t feel safe in the area or if your premises are being broken into or vandalised; it really is time to start planning your move.

5. The time is now
If the end of the tenancy on your premises is looming, then it is a key time to review whether your premises are not only meeting your needs now but also whether it will in the future. If you’re in doubt, don’t renew the lease.

If you do feel that you need to move your business, please contact our office and commercial moving specialists on sales@burkebros.co.uk or phone 01902 714555.

October 26th, 2018 | Categories: Blog