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Three Reasons Self-Storage Will Ease Your Headache When Moving House

May 31. 2019

If you’re in the process of moving house, whether you’re in the early stages of considering putting your house on the market, or filling boxes in readiness for moving day; here are a few reasons that self-storage will be an invaluable resource at all stages of the process.

Keep it light and airy
Most prospective buyers are looking for space in a property. Space to expand from their present premises. Buyers are more drawn to light and airy, spacious feeling rooms. Properties that are piled high with furniture and possessions will always feel more cramp. Here is the opportunity to move items that you don’t need on a daily basis or won’t need in the near future into self-storage facilities. The more you can de-clutter and move into a storage facility- the more of an illusion of space you’ll create. You can still access your possessions if you need to.

Reduces ‘tidying up’ time
By de-cluttering your premises and allocating some of your possessions into self-storage, it will help you keep the premises tidy and presentable whilst the property is undergoing viewings. If it is on the market for some time, storing your ‘surplus’ items away will prove really useful to avoid having to keep tidying up to create a show-home look.

Pace it
Taking on the task of packing up all of your worldly possessions is quite a feat and is a job that will leave your house in disarray for a period of time. Again self-storage can prove to be quite a saving grace as it will give you the option of packing in phases and storing boxes away as they are filled.

Equally, once you’ve arrived in your new premises you can pace the unpacking and move the less essential items into the new premises at a later date. If you need to re-decorate or carry out renovations, having some of your household contents in self-storage will allow you the room to do whatever work is required and avoid the risk of damaging your possession by trying to work around them or have the extra work of keep manoeuvring them from one area of the house to another.

If you would like to view our self-storage facilities in central Wolverhampton please visit our premises or contact us on 01902 714555 or email sales@burkebros.co.uk. We also have a dedicated webpage with further information on our self-storage services here.

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