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Tips for downsizing your living space.

Dec 23. 2015

There are many reasons you may have decided to downsize and move home. You may be looking to reduce costs, someone you live with or children may have left your home or you may be retiring and only need a smaller home in the future.

Regardless of people’s individual reasons you may encounter similar problems, fitting the same amount of items on a smaller floor plan with less space. Here at Burke Bros we are experts in helping people move their furniture and personal effects to their new homes.

  • Start taking measurements

Before moving house to your new premises move room to room, including living space, bathroom, bedrooms and dining area, and take measurements of all your rooms so you know precisely how much space you have. Be sure to write these down so you don’t forget and Make sure to measure your key and larger pieces of furniture and where you intend to put them to ensure they fit.

  • Keep the essentials

Start with the items that make your living space feel like home. These are your favourites, possibly the ones with the most sentimental value. If they’ll fit in the space, mark them as top-priority pieces to move with you. List these items, along with their sizing. Note which rooms they will go into—and how much additional space will be left in each room. If there are things that are too big to fit in to your home that you can’t part with then consider secure storage.

  • Can you live without it?

With a greater realization of how much room you have, it’s time to assess the rest of your collections. Start with an honest conversation—which items are you okay with tossing or donating to your local charity store or recycling centre? Duplicate items are a great place to start. Already have too many glasses in your kitchen? Consider scaling back to make room for other items in your new place.

  • Organization is key

The best way to not feel overwhelmed or claustrophobic in a smaller space is to keep your items organized. Clutter can make rooms feel much smaller. Once items have their place, do your best to keep them there. Look for opportunities to consolidate space and group like items together. You only have so much room—be sure you’re always making the most of it.


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