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Top Reasons to use secure Storage

Dec 31. 2014

Over the last decade more and more people are beginning to see real benefits from using secure storage facilities. This is due to many home owners having more possessions than ever before, but increasing house prices are making it difficult for some to buy the larger sized homes they may need. However, instead of just getting rid of your valuables storage is now becoming a popular and economically viable option.

1) Temporary Storage when moving house
Many people use storage to secure the sale of their house, until they can officially move in to their new home they may have already had a buyer for their own. By moving all of your furniture in to storage and finding temporary accommodation you can secure your sale. Furthermore, if you are thinking about moving abroad for a period of time but know you will return you may wish to leave some of your belongings in storage, rather than shipping all of it or having to get rid of some of it. Many professional removals companies can also arrange storage for those moving to an international country in your new home destination if you are planning on renovating your new home or are only living in temporary accommodation until you find your permanent home.

2) Long term storage when down sizing
If you are downsizing but don’t want to get rid of some of your possessions or have any furniture that you may wish to pass down to your children but doesn’t fit with your new decor then you may consider getting long term storage. Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your possessions, with storage widely available it is now a secure and economically viable option for many.

3) Short term storage during renovations
If you are having major renovations or building work done on your home and you simply need to clear entire rooms of all effects, why not consider short term storage? After all once the work is complete you will want full use of the rooms and more than likely need all the furniture and effects again. As building work can be extremely expensive short term storage will definitely save you money than having to replace your possessions with brand new goods!

4) De-clutter the spare room, loft, cellar, or shed
Do you have items or furniture, cluttering your spare room, loft or shed? You may need the space for a new at home business or a new arrival in the family and it may be you have come to the decision to get rid of some items but you don’t know where to start, or what to get rid of. If there are items you do really want to keep or may need in the future but don’t really have the room, why not put them in to storage rather than just selling them and free up some much needed space in your home.

5) Business Storage
There is a growing trend in people starting their own home businesses, and they are quickly finding that their at home office is simply not enough room for all their stocks and products. That is why many home-based businesses and smaller companies are choosing to use secure storage for their businesses so they can operate as normal without excess products and documents taking up room and becoming a health and safety risk.

6) Student Storage
With 425,260 international students visiting the UK in 2012-2013 there are growing numbers of students from overseas moving to the UK to study. Many university courses are a minimum of three years long and almost all students do not stay here that long for that period of time without going home to visit. With some month long breaks over Christmas, Easter and Summer Break being up to 4 months long, there are many students who may worry about leaving their possessions in student accommodation unattended over a long period of time. Also, many students may have to vacate their current accommodation but may not have access for their next property, in these situations secure and affordable storage can be a blessing!

Do you require secure storage? Burke Bros are an international moving company and have their own on site secure storage facilities, we can fulfil your storage needs whether they are short-term or long-term for very reasonable prices! You can relax knowing that your valuables are in safe hands. Why not give us a call today on 0800 413 256.

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