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Top tips when moving pets to Australia or New Zealand

Nov 03. 2015

Relocating to Australia or New Zealand can be a stressful time, and relocating your pet can be even quite distressing. However, a small amount of advanced preparation will really help with a smooth transition and reduce your stress. With so much to organise when emigrating to New Zealand or Australia, it may be tempting to leave organising moving your pets until the last minute. That is why we have compiled our top tips to reduce stress when exporting your pets.

1) Leave plenty of time before you move
Whilst leaving more time also allows you to do things at your own pace, there is another reason, as at the moment the process for exporting a pet to Australia is seven months and it requires rabies vaccinations and other blood tests. If you don’t leave enough time you may have to leave your pets behind and arrange their export for a few months down the line.

2) Allow the experts to do the paperwork
The paperwork for exporting a pet can be quite complex, and why you may be up to the challenge and are trying to save a bit of money by doing it yourself, we really do recommend using a professional. It is very easy to make a mistake or fall short of the requirements leading to costly delays.

3) Don’t try and organise everything in one go
If you leave yourself with enough time and with the help of experts, you don’t need to try and do everything in one go. Before the move try and allow your pet to board with you the night before to allow it to settle before the big day.

4) Make sure to provide accurate measurements
Make sure to provide accurate measurements of the travel crate before you fly, any last minute changes could incur additional airline charges.

5) Consider using herbal calming remedies
If you think it may be beneficial to your pet you may wish to use some natural herbal remedies to help keep your pet calm and relaxed during the moving process.

6) Provide a piece of your clothing to travel with your pet
Giving your pet a piece of familiar clothing that smells like you will help them adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. You may wish to allow your pet to get used to the travel crate in advance.

If you need any advice on shipping pets to Australia or New Zealand, or need help with international removals please contact us on 01902 714555.

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