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Ways to Improve Your Move to the USA

Jan 27. 2023

  • Save money on currency transfers
    An important aspect of your move to the USA will be sorting out your financial arrangements. If you’re purchasing property abroad and/ or moving savings accounts, you’ll need to transfer the money abroad. The transferring of your funds will come with fees and exchange rates that can be quite unfavourable. A really useful tip in the moving of your money to the USA is to use a currency exchange company. This can make for quite a substantial saving in comparison to using a high street bank to transfer the money.


  • Tackle homesickness
    A move abroad will involve a lot of upheaval and the sheer amount of change- new home, new place of work and being at a distance from friends and family in the UK will always provoke a range of emotions. Whilst there is many exciting elements to the move and they may be well be many positives for both you and your family, at some point you will miss the familiarity of home in the UK. There are a few tactics that will help you combat these feelings. One of which is to take enough household effects and personal possessions to make your new destination feel like home. Some familiarity in your new residence in the USA will help to ease the transition. This is particularly relevant if you’re moving with a family.

It’s also important to research the area of the states that you’re moving to as fully as you possibly can. It maybe that it’s an area that you’ve visited many times before, or if for example you’re relocating for work purposes- it maybe some where that’s quite new to you. The more research that you can do beforehand, the less culture shock you’ll experience once you’re there. Whether it’s reading books, blogs or watching documentaries, doing your homework before the move will pay off.

  • Call in the international moving experts
    Call upon the services of a reputable and experienced international removals company to move your possessions and household effects out to the states. This will save a lot of heartache in the long run. An international removal company will be a great source of advice on matters of the logistics of moving and customs formalities etc for the USA.

Research your chosen company carefully to ensure that they’re experienced in removal services to the USA. They should send out a surveyor for either an in-house survey or, if you prefer the survey to be completed at a distance, they will be able to do this via a video link. From this, the surveyor will be able to generate an accurate quotation and inform of how the process will work.

  • Use time as your greatest ally
    As far as possible, try to organise your move in advance. The later that you start contacting removal companies, the later you start sorting through and deciding on what you want to take with you etc the more stressful the process will become. Help yourself by alleviating that time pressure as far as you can as almost every element of the move will be easier if it’s planned in advance. This can negate the changes of you arriving several weeks before your possessions arrive, for example.


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