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What to look for when choosing self storage

Jan 29. 2016

Looking for a self storage facility can be tricky as there are so many different factors to take into consideration. The fact of the matter is, if you plan to pay to store your belongings, they must be valuable enough to you to do that. With that in mind, you are going to at the very least, expect the items to be safe the entire time they are in the unit. However, it is important you think about self storage as bigger choice and experience than just the storage, to ensure you choose the right unit for you.

If you are searching for self storage but are struggling to know what to look for, these tips should give you a little bit of help:

 Look For Quality Over A Cheap Price

Although it can be easy to allow the price of the unit to be the deciding factor, this isn’t a good way to choose the right storage unit for you. With self storage you don’t need to pay over the odds to get a high quality service, but you do need to remember that when you pay a higher price than perhaps the cheapest option, you are like to get better security, more modern technology, on-site management, climate control, online payment, 24/7 access and other useful features. Be careful not to sacrifice security and excellent service for the sake of a few pounds.

Go And Take A Look

You can’t know whether or not a facility is right if you haven’t seen it, no matter how great their website is or how much the staff talk about the service you will be receiving if you store with them. Taking a look is the only way to see for yourself if the self storage is as great as it seems on all the promotions, so it is well worth booking a visit and heading down to check for yourself, as this will help to put your mind at rest and ultimately make the right decision.

Look For A Self Storage Facility In Good Condition

Look out for signs that show the overall facility is in good condition. Check the lighting is good after dark so you can easily see everywhere no matter when you visit. Check the overall facility is clean and there isn’t rubbish lying around. Look for little details that show there are people checking all aspects of the unit, not just some parts.

Look For A Facility With A Wide Variety Of Different Sized Units

It is really important you choose a facility with lots of different units of different sizes. This may not seem important in the beginning when you know the size of the unit you need right now, but if you have extra items to store, or you need to downsize, you might need a different unit size and it’s never fun moving the items from one facility to another, especially when you wouldn’t have needed to do it if you had just chosen a storage company with different sized units.

Choose Excellent Security

This is probably the most important factor of all and should be prioritised. Look for strong fencing around the facility, locked gates or buzz-in entry, security cameras, excellent lighting and if possible several access points throughout (so you have to go through more than one gate or locked door to get to your own unit).

Choose Excellent Customer Service

Staff who care about your needs are so important when it comes to self storage. You should expect them to happily advise you on anything from insurance to removals, with enthusiasm and positivity. You should never feel like you’re being ignored or fobbed off when you need unit related advice.

Always Look For Flexibility

Self storage is by its nature, flexible, so it makes sense that the facility should play on that and enable you to have flexibility with contracts, unit sizes and more. This is important for any customer but really is useful if you’re a business looking for a self storage facility, as term flexibility will help when your business needs to have the room to grow at its own pace.

There are so many things to think about when choosing a self storage facility. Remember you are storing your valuables there, and you want them to remain safe and secure wherever you choose to keep them. Base your decision on your overall experience of the facility, and remember to do your research, looking at online reviews to check you haven’t just been given a ‘sales’ experience at the unit and that what they are promising is actually true.

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