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When do you need to think about using self storage?

Oct 13. 2015

Are you finding yourself in a scenario where you are running out of room at home or in the office? Are you looking for a viable solution where you can keep your items that you still may require but don’t necessarily need them on hand. You should think about using a local self storage facility! Aside from the lack of space being the most common reason there are a few more situations when self storage may be of use to you.

1) Retirement – this is a very common reason to use self storage, as you may be downsizing your property once you have retired. Although reducing your living costs are a massive bonus the lack of space might not be. Many people choose to store furniture that no longer fits in their new home as well as sentimental items they wish to keep but have no space for.

2) Divorce or unexpected family tragedy – this unfortunately affects many people during their lifetime and in either situation the sale of a property or personal belongings. Whether you are in the process of divorce or emptying a house of a deceased loved ones items, things can be made a little easier with self-storage.

3) Travelling – those who spend a lot of time out of the country, or even just going away from home for a while may not want to lug half of their personal belongings around the world either. While you are out of the country the security of your items will always be a concern, so by storing them away, our 24/7 CCTV keeps a watchful eye over their belongings when they are unable to. If you don’t have a permanent residence to store important belongings safely, using a secure local self-storage company like us might be just what you need.

4) Hobbies- some people have seasonal hobbies and other may have multiple past times or one that means storing so much equipment can be a struggle! Boating, surfing and golfing equipment are just examples of items that can take up valuable space in your home. For things that are frequently stored away over the winter months, use a secure self storage facility.

5) De-cluttering – whilst we many have the best intentions when it comes to our spring clean, there will always be items that you can’t seem to get rid of. With self storage you can keep those sentimental belongings and store your items so they are not cluttering the house, whilst still there should you need to access them.

6) Moving house – if moving wasn’t stressful enough, very often new homes aren’t ready to be moved in to when you are. You may wish to redecorate or carry out building work and if you have temporary accommodation in the meantime you belongings may also need a temporary home. Every aspect of your home can be kept in our cheap self-storage units, from the contents of your garage to the bedroom furniture!

If you need secure self storage in Wolverhampton please come in and view our facility or call us on 01902 714555 to reserve a room now!

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