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Worldwide Removers, Storers, and Shippers Launch ‘Unusually Asked Questions’ Blog

International and overseas removers, shippers, and storers, Burke Bros Moving Groupwww.burkebros.co.uk based in the UK, have just launched their Unusually Asked Questions Blog to give their customers and website visitors some really valuable information about moving personal belongings abroad.

Since Burke Bros get involved in removals and storage work, to and from all corners of the world, they find that several times a month a really unusual question will be asked about a personal item that a customer wants to move either to or from the UK. Having answered each particular customer question, the International team at Burke Bros would then normally just file the answer away for future reference.

Then, more recently, the Head of the Burke Bros International Department, Chris Starkey, suggested it would be a really good idea to share the answers and start to publish this useful information for the benefit of all their customers and website visitors at large.

Hence, the idea of launching a Blog for ‘Unusually Asked Questions’.

Chris Starkey said: “We do get asked allsorts of interesting questions about moving personal items around the world and sometimes, if we don’t have the answers to hand, we do undertake a great deal of research to find out the correct and accurate information to answer these challenging questions. So we decided that rather than keeping this valuable information locked up in our own filing cabinets, it dawned on me; why don’t we publish these answers in the public domain, where everyone can benefit from them?”

Burke Bros MD, Gary Burke said: “Where as most companies have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on their website, it seemed more appropriate for us to have an ‘Unusually Asked Questions’ section, and using a Blog on our website seemed to be the ideal way to convey this really practical information.”

Three of the current questions being answered on the new Blog are; 1. Would Australia allow us to import a preserved wedding bouquet which is in a glass case? 2. Can we import a Whale Bone Ornament? and 3. What do we need to know about transporting our Vintage Cars from the UK to Auckland in New Zealand?”

If you’d like to read the answers to these, and many more questions, you can visit the Blog yourself at https://burkebros.co.uk.

On the other hand, if you’re considering moving overseas and have any immediate questions you’d like to ask about your more unusual personal items, you can either visit the Burke Bros website at www.burkebros.co.uk or contact Chris Starkey directly via email atinternational@burkebros.co.uk or telephone on +44 (0)1902 714555

March 31st, 2010 | Categories: General